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Our mission:

Disseminate educational content under a free license or in the public domain effectively and globally.

Working with us

An image of the Readers Web Team, including Olga's puppy, from 2018.
An artistic interpretation of the Readers Web team, circa 2018.

The Web team focuses on engineering efforts around the experiences for readers of the websites for the various Wikimedia projects.

This page and its subpages are intended to document the team, its various roles/responsibilities, and generally be a repository of articles of team documentation.


Office HoursEdit

Please note: these are currently intended for internal WMF staff.

You can join our online Meet room Our goal is to openly discuss our work, and to answer any of your questions. We would like to invite anyone interested in our projects, current and future work, and in particular Desktop Improvements.

Please plan on attending if:

  • You have questions for our team
  • You would like to collaborate with us more closely in the future
  • You want to discuss plans and strategies for our desktop and mobile sites in the future

If you plan on attending, feel free to add your notes to the agenda - this will help us prepare for your questions ahead of time. We are planning to host office hours twice a quarter.


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