Reading/Web/Accessibility for reading/Community prototype testing/preload

Please answer the following questions and submit your responses:

  1. What was your favorite reading preference?
    1. font-size: $1
    2. line-height: $2
    3. paragraph-spacing: $3
    4. When reading the following page: $4
    5. At the following resolution: $5
  2. What do you spend most of your time doing on Wikipedia (editing, reading, moderating, etc.)?
  3. What option would you prefer for someone who spends most of their time reading or is a new reader?  
  4. Do you think language or script affect your selection?  If you are multilingual, would you select a different option based on the language or script?
  5. Any additional thoughts or comments around font size or typography?  What are you hoping that we accomplish with this project overall?