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Understanding the "up_value" Field in User Preferences edit

Overview edit

The "up_value" field in user preferences indicates whether a particular preference is enabled or disabled for a user. This documentation aims to clarify the significance of "up_value" field in MariaDB and its implications for data analysis.

Context edit

A question was raised regarding the interpretation of the "up_value" field in user preferences. Specifically, whether a value of 1 signifies an enabled preference and an empty or null value indicates a disabled preference.

Example MariaDB Query Result
up_property up_value COUNT (1)
vector-2022-beta-feature 31577
vector-2022-beta-feature 1 10573
vector-2022-beta-feature-local-exception 59
vector-2022-beta-feature-local-exception 1 1

Clarification edit

  • If "up_value" is set to 1, it indeed indicates that the preference is enabled or true for that user.
  • Conversely, an empty or null "up_value" typically indicates that the preference is disabled or false for that user.

PHP-ism Explanation edit

The observed behavior of empty values in the "up_value" field is attributed to a PHP-ism. When boolean values are cast to strings, true is represented as "1" and false results in an empty string. This behavior manifests in database entries.

Understanding Specific "up_property" edit

  • The suffix "-local-exception" denotes a local override set by the GlobalPreferences extension. However, this suffix doesn't alter the interpretation of the property's name.
  • The segment "vector-2022-beta-feature" represents the machine-readable name of a specific beta feature, namely, "Accessibility for Reading (Vector 2022)."

Interpretation of Name/Value Pair edit

In the last row, we see the following:

up_property=vector-2022-beta-feature-local-exception and up_value=1 ,

The above name/value pair should be understood as follows: "the user has enabled the Accessibility beta feature and consequently encountered the font size menu while browsing this wiki."