Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Community interactions overview

Throughout the project we have interacted with the community in various ways. This page provides a high-level overview of those interactions.

Types of interactionsEdit

  • Project talk page
  • Phabricator tasks
  • Prototype feedback events
  • Wiki-events: Wikimanias, Hackathons, etc.
  • Office-hours

Prototype feedback eventsEdit

At each major stage of the project we shared a prototype that showcased proposed upcoming changes, with a feedback form.

# Posted on Features explored Participants Page Feedback
1 Nov 2019 Fixed width, language switching, collapsible sidebar/main menu 294 Link Full, summary
2 Apr 2021 Sticky header, personal tools menu 347 Link Full
3 Dec 2021 Table of contents 282 Link Full, summary
4 Mar 2022 Page tools, main menu 269 Link Full, summary
5 Jun 2022 Visual design (Menus, borders & backgrounds, active section in the TOC, logo in header, link colors, font size) 168 Link Full, summary

Visualization of community interactionsEdit

This is a rough visualization of community interactions as of October 2022:

Notable community membersEdit

There were over 2,000 community members who showed up (many of them multiple times) to collaborate on Vector 2022. This is an incomplete list of community members who were continuously and deeply involved with the project: