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The following is a summary of T340848 where we investigate what types of adjustments we should make to font-size on a per-language basis. We draw on previous work done at the foundation as well as expert opinion.

Wikipedia's that change their default font-size edit

The following is a list of language wikipedia's that change the font-size of their content. The "computed font-size" refers to the final output size of a paragraph of content, with default browser settings, as an anonymous user.

Arabic edit

Computed font-size: 14px

Modification source:

modification code:

.skin-vector-2022 .mw-body-content,
.skin-vector-legacy .vector-body {
    font-size: 1.0em;

For reasons unknown, maybe related to T312966 this font-size may have been modified at one point but has been set to 1em, which has no effect on the computed font-size.

Chinese edit

Computed font-size: 15.008px

Modification source: A gadget that's enabled by default for all users:

modification code:

/* Enlarge font-size for zh fonts */
/* em -> rem per [[Special:PermaLink/65609687]] */
.skin-vector .mw-body-content {
    font-size: 0.938rem;

Japanese edit

Computed body font-size: 15.104px

Modification source:

Modification code:

/* enlarge font-size for ja fonts */
#bodyContent {
    font-size: 0.944em;
    font-size: calc(1em * 0.944);

Urdu edit

Computed font-size: 16.94px

Modification source:

Tibetan edit

Computed font-size: 17.5px

Modification source:

Modification code:

body, textarea {
    font-size: 125%;