Hou tae contreebute

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The content o aw Wikimedia waurks is released unner free licenses. Write code fer tae access, remix n graw this muckle puil o free knawledge. Follae the tutorial tae get gaun with the API, available oan aw MediaWiki wikis, n ither APIs fer content n Wikidata. Ither apen data sources, inclaedin XML n SQL dumps, ar available n aw. Write code to access, remix and grow this immense pool of free knowledge. Follow the tutorial to get started with the API, available on all MediaWiki wikis, and other APIs for content and Wikidata. Other open data sources, including XML and SQL dumps, are also available.
Aw oor code is free n apen soorce. Chaise ae waurk, provide ae patch, n fix ae task!

Wikimedia waurks uise ae varietie o leids lik PHP n JavaScript in MediaWiki n its extensions, Lua (in Templates), CSS/LESS (in skins etc), Objective-C, Swing n Java (in Mobile Apps n Kiwix), Python (in Pywikibot), C++ (in Huggle), or C# (in AWB). Create: Bible: bots fer tae process content n host yer tuils on Toolforge. Hack wi mobile apps or desktap appleecations. Or halp Steid Reliabeelitie Engineerin maintain the server confeeguration. Hack on mobile apps or on desktop applications. Or help Site Reliability Engineering maintain the server configuration.

Learn more at New Developers/Introduction to the Wikimedia Technical Ecosystem .
Halp tae impruiv the qualitie o oor waurks through automated Brouser testin, PHPUnit testin n Conteenuous Integration. Report yer first bug or halp wi exeestin bug reports.
Aes ae Tech ambassiter, heelp ither Wikimedians wi techneecal issues, relay Tech news tae inform uisers aneat whit's gaun tae impact thaim, n jyn the ambassiters' groop n the mailin leet fer tae be ae brig atween deveelopers n yer local wiki.
Ingils writers can impruiv the MediaWiki documentation, ither essential support pages n, in fact, onie page o this wabsteid.
Gif ye'r fluent in ae leid aside fae Ingils ye can jyn the effort bi owersetin this wabsteid n the MediaWiki saffware.
Halp uisers n deveelopers luikin fer answers at the support desk or the MediaWiki communication n social media channels.
Halp tae applie the Wikimedia design preenciples in waurks luiking fer UX feedback.
Meet ither communitie members, in cyberspace or in person.
How-to guides and walkthroughs for MediaWiki and Wikimedia technologies

Mair halpfu information


  • Thaur's twa three waas ye can contact the Wikimedia communitie.
  • Ye can follae n shair Wikimedia news across yer social network n aw.
  • Ye can subscreebe tae Tech News tae get ae weeklie ootline oan yer uiser tauk page o recent saffware changes n aw, wioot techneecal jargon.

Eeditin n discussin in MediaWiki

Gif ye'v no uised MediaWiki afore: