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Technical documentation refers to any documentation that contains information regarding a technical product, process, or task.

Documentation for Wikimedia projects is widely spread across different wikis and websites. This page focuses on technical documentation for MediaWiki and related software.

Documentation pages

Documentation structure

  • On :
    • A Technical Manual for information about the MediaWiki Software.
    • Project based documentation. This includes user guides, API documentation, tutorials, development information and reference materials related to specific projects.
    • Help pages contain end-user specific documentation and Special pages provide some on-demand documentation.
  • Auto-generated API documentation:
  • Documentation generated from the source code of MediaWiki:
  • Text files in the /docs directory of MediaWiki source tree have code related information.

Supporting resources include blogs, talk pages and discussion forums.

Documentation audiences

Primary users of the MediaWiki documentation and the most useful set of pages for each user-group are listed below.

Hackathons and outreach