Project:Visual identity

This page defines a visual language that the MediaWiki community can use to refer to its various activities. It serves as a coordination and reference page to use a set of reusable, consistent and recognizable icons across mediums (wiki pages, blog posts, slides, etc.).

We aim to follow the Wikimedia Foundation icon philosophy. In order to have a consistent but expanding repository of graphics to pick from, it was decided to use icons from the Noun Project. These icons are all in SVG format, allowing us to use them at any resolution without pixelation, including in presentations and posters.

Because some images require specific attribution, this page also serves as a list of credits, which is particularly useful if they don't use the standard link behavior.

Icon Used to refer to Credit
Noun project 9866.svg Product development Faith, Hope & Love Creative, LLC, from The Noun Project

Question Noun project 2185.svg Support Anas Ramadan, from the Noun Project
Book Noun project 7656.svg Documentation João Carlos Cabanita Miranda, from the Noun Project
Source code project 1171.svg Coding d, from the Noun Project
Plug-in Noun project 4032.svg API Florian Huber, from the Noun Project
Vitruvian Man Noun project 6674.svg Design Olivier Guin, from the Noun Project
Check Box Noun project 10759.svg QA Laurent Sutterlity, from the Noun Project (CC-0)
Translation - Noun project 987.svg Localization Geremy Good, from the Noun Project
Gear - Noun project 7137.svg Tech (general) Márcio Duarte, from The Noun Project
Aiga mail inverted nobg.svg Tech ambassadors and Tech news Public domain
Wikimedia-logo black.svg Wikimedia Engineering Neolux
List Noun project 11515.svg Glossaries Mauro Fontanari, from the Noun Project (CC-0)
Feed Noun project 104.svg Wikimedia (tech) blog Public domain
Search Noun project 15028.svg Wikimedia technical search Fission Strategy, from the Noun Project (CC-0)
Community Noun project 2280.svg Physical meetings, conferences, workshops T. Weber, from The Noun Project
Noun project 2472.svg Online meetings and chats María Florencia, from The Noun Project
Calendar Noun project 1194.svg Other events Nathan Driskell, from The Noun Project
QA activities
Noun project 8974.svg Browser testing Johan H. W. Basberg, from the Noun Project
Hammer - Noun project 1306.svg Features testing John Caserta, from The Noun Project
Bug icon - Noun project 198.svg Fresh bugs Dmitry Baranovskiy, from The Noun Project
Spider Web - Noun project 813.svg Old bugs Denis Frezzato, from The Noun Project

Available icons

The following icons are currently unused and might be useful for new activities. More icons are available on Wikimedia Commons.

Icon Used to refer to Credit
  Designers CO.R, from the Noun Project
  Fernando Vasconcelos, from the Noun Project
  Aaron Dodson, from The Noun Project

Table line template

| align="center" | [[|30px]]
| [[:|, from the Noun Project]]

Pages to update

If you change the icon for an existing activity, you'll need to update templates and pages. Most of them can be found using Special:Whatlinkshere or the image's usage page. Some are listed below for reference.