Wikimedia technical search

This page contains the list of URLs used for the custom Google search for all MediaWiki-related resources. It can search all the resources simultaneously, or restrict the results even further to one of several categories: Announcements, Blogs, Documentation, Source code, Discussion, Code commits, and Bugs.

The original motivation came from this blog post (section "Coping with the proliferation of tools within your community") and the discussion in the post's comments section.

You can edit the list below at will, as it will be sync'ed manually. Please suggest improvements (or report problems) on the talk page.

Included URLs edit

  Note: Normal search will include all sites below, sorted by relevance. The topic-specific tabs ("Source code", "Documentation", etc.) will restrict the results to URLs that match the entries on that category.**

# Bugs*

# Documentation****

# Source code*

# Code commits*

# Announcements*

# Blogs (please suggest more blogs to include)**

# Discussion**

How to contribute edit

For one-off contributions, simply edit the list above, and one of the people with admin access to the search engine's configuration panel (currently User:Nemo bis, User:Nikerabbit and User:Waldir) will sync it.

For more sustained contributions, ask for administrator access in the talk page, then you can edit the search engine directly.

Here are some things that need to be done:

Known issues edit

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