• includes/installer, mw-config, maintenance/install.php (Manual:install.php), Manual:Installing MediaWiki, INSTALL
  • Using maintenance/install.php (todo: test and make sure of the parameters; add some documentation to the file and its Manual entry):
    rm -rf LocalSettings.php database/* && mkdir -p database/ && chmod a+w database/
    php maintenance/install.php [wikiname] [username] --pass=[password] --dbtype=sqlite --dbpath=database/
    note: for now the --scriptpath parameter needs to be explicitly set for this to work out of the box. gerrit:133222 addresses this.
    todo: allow password not to be set in the command line, and get a prompt instead
    todo: fix timezone issue w/ installer.php. In both cases the default time zone of the wiki is not correct (it either is set to UTC or doesn't take DST into account), but in the installer.php-generated wiki trying to edit the main page gets an edit conflict because the new edit uses the actual local timezone and the history uses the server timezone (one hour later, in my case). Both LocalSettings.php are identical, however...
  • See also: MediaWiki-Vagrant
  • https://bitnami.com/stack/mediawiki

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