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  • WikiOverflow (deleted), Wikis@SE (deleted), MediaWiki IdeaTorrent (deleted; thread 1, thread 2). Also, according to my analysis at w:Talk:OSQA, a potential platform for this sort of thing could be w:Askbot.
  • It could be interesting to make diffs flattrable. See Extension:Flattr.
  • For code review in gerrit, it would be nice to have a query url that shows only changes that haven't been reviewed before (in the "my changes" view, the CR column is often empty but there's already been a lot of discussion before, but a new patch reset the CR scores). Something like https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/q/reviewer:self+status:open+-is:reviewed,n,z should work, but according to the docs it covers both Code-Review and Verified scores, and the latter is pretty much always there as it's added by Jenkins, so the query shows nothing. One can build a query to show specifically patchsets with no Code-Review score, but that still doesn't fix the "previous discussion" issue above, which would enable one to find patchsets that haven't received any external feedback since being submitted. As an alternative to find unloved patches, one can amend that search query to show patchsets whithout CR that are over a year old (there are four such ones at the time of writing). Another approach is to limit to those who don't have a +2'er in the reviwers, by using -reviewerin:mediawiki in the query (the docs say reviewerin matches changes that have been, or need to be, reviewed by a user in the specified group).
    • Update: Krinkle on IRC says: the gerrit query command line API over ssh might have a way to filter for such things. Ask hashar or Reedy maybe next time they're on.
  • History of MediaWiki version control (see also MediaWiki history and Git/Conversion). Commits graph @ Ohloh. Commits graph @ GitHub (empty before 2009-11-14 although the graph does go all the way back to 2003-04-13, how come?).
  • Since gerrit:921379 it is possible to set wgSVGNativeRendering to make MediaWiki render SVGs natively
    • Reasons why we might not want to activate it:
      • Font rendering (positioning, presence of glyphs for less popular languages, etc.)
      • Non-guaranteed proper SVG rendering by the user's browser