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This short TLDR-style guide is aimed developers that have some experience with Git, and want to get started with Gerrit for MediaWiki development. For a tutorial with detailed explanations, read Gerrit/Tutorial instead.



Get the code


Clone the repository using the command in the repository browser (e.g. You can find these on the list, or from the extension infobox on The most commonly cloned repositories are:

MediaWiki core: git clone mediawiki

MediaWiki extensions: git clone<extension>.git

MediaWiki skins: git clone<skin>.git

Write your patch


Start your branch from the latest master:

mediawiki$ git checkout master
mediawiki$ git pull
mediawiki$ git checkout -b meaningful-branch-name

Now you can edit the code to make and test your changes. Once you are satisfied and the code is operational ready:

  • git commit --all When working with Gerrit, do this only once per branch. To fix mistakes, use git commit --amend.
  • git show Review your patch to confirm what you are submitting to us. Press "q" to quit.
  • git review This pushes to Gerrit and creates a change request. If you receive an error and have previously installed the older "gerrit-tools" program, install "git-review" instead.

You are encouraged to invite one or two maintainers as reviewers on your change. After creating the change request, the git review will have printed the URL for you change request. You can also find your changes through your Gerrit dashboard. On the change page, under "Reviewers", click the "Add Reviewer" pencil button. Write a reviewer name in the input box. If you don't know who to invite for reviewing, check the maintainers list for the component you've modified, or ask on IRC (#mediawiki connect).

Update your patch


If a reviewer asks you to make changes, amend your commit as follows:

  • git review -d change_ID e.g. 1234 in This downloads and checks out the change request from Gerrit.
  • Edit the source files to make your changes.
  • git commit --all --amend You can run this as many times as you like. When editing the commit message, leave the "Change-Id" line intact.
  • git review This updates your change request in Gerrit, with a new patch set version reflecting your change, and automatically notifies the subscribed reviewers.

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