Various extensions and tools have emerged over the years to improve the support MediaWiki offers people to communicate with one another on-wiki: Structured Discussions (Flow), LiquidThreads , DiscussionTools and Convenient Discussions.

This page offers an overview of these various extensions and how the features they offer compare to one another.

Comparative Review edit

Main characteristics edit

Status of each tool, and their integration to the wiki's key features.

LiquidThreads Structured Discussions DiscussionTools Convenient Discussions
Type of tool MediaWiki extension Gadget/Userscript based on DiscussionTools
Release status Unmaintained Maintained (Wikimedia Foundation) Maintained (Volunteers)
Activation Pending removal[1] Wiki opt-in, user configurable User opt-in and configurable
Visual editing  N Not done   Done   Done  N Not done
Backwards-compatibility with wikitext  N Not done  N Not done   Done   Done
Templates support   Done   Done   Partially done – Tables, templates and parser tags aren't allowed in replies in visual mode   Done
Full history integration with the rest of the wiki   Done  N Not done   Done   Done
Mobile web support  N Not done   Done   Done  N Not done
Mobile app support  N Not done  N Not done   Done  N Not done
Permalink to a given comment   Done   Done   Partially done – if the comment is not moved elsewhere.[2]

  In progress

Discussion features edit

Interaction with talk pages and other comments.

LiquidThreads Structured Discussions DiscussionTools Convenient Discussions
Dedicated workflow for starting a new topic   Done   Done   Done   Done
Topic and contents preload   Done   Done   Done   Done
Indication of new comments when you read a topic  N Not done  N Not done   Done
Indication of edited comments when you read a topic   Done   Done  N Not done   Done
Each topic is a different pages/each conversation has a permalink   Done   Done   In progress[2]   In progress[2]
Move topics between pages   Done  N Not doneplanned but not implemented   Partially done – via wikitext editing, breaks links.[2]

See discussions on moving with the DiscussionTools UI.

Include discussions on another page and reply to them there  N Not done  N Not doneplanned, including cross-wiki transclusion , but not implemented   Done – via transclusion
Editing comments   Done   Done   Partially done – via wikitext editing the whole page or section. See T242562 and T245225 for the editing of individual comments.   Done
Thank a comment from within the talk page   Partially done – via Page history   Done   Partially done – via Thanks in Page history.
  In progress – Work on supporting "Thanking" from the DiscussionTools UI is being tracked.
Sort topics by recent comment   Done   Done  N Not done  N Not done
Sort topics by start date   Done   Done  N Not done  N Not done
Summarize a discussion at the top of it   Done   Done   Partially done – by editing opening comment.
Mark a message as read or unread   Done  N Not done  N Not done  N Not done
Show/hide (collapse) subthreads   Done  N Not done  N Not done   Done

Notifications and interactivity edit

LiquidThreads Structured Discussions DiscussionTools Convenient Discussions
Highlight a set of unread comments  N Not done   Done   Done – only when subscribed to a topic and using links from notifications   Done
Subscribe to be notified about new comments to a topic   Done – via Watchlist   Done – via Echo   Done – via Echo or itself
Be notified when a new topic is started on a talk page
Auto-subscription to a topic you created   Done – default
Highlight a quoted comment  N Not done – can link to comments but only as standalone pages   Done   Done   Done
Notification of edited comments   Partially done – only on your own comments   Done  N Not done  N Not done

Maintenance and moderation edit

LiquidThreads Structured Discussions DiscussionTools Convenient Discussions
Direct access to user talkpage, contribs and more   Partially done – if linked in the signature   Done   Partially done – if linked in the signature
Hide (moderate) a comment   Partially done – no undelete UI   Done   Partially done – via undo/rollback (requires searching for edit in edit history) or archival templates, not included and requires editing wikitext   Done
Hide or delete a topic   Done   Partially done – same as DiscussionTools
Archiving discussions   Not needed   Not needed  N Not done – see T337293
  • Requires 3rd party bots for automatic archival
  • Requires wikitext editing or 3rd party gadgets for manual archival
 N Not done – Same as DiscussionTools, though moving topics can be used for manual archival.
Report an inappropriate comment  N Not done  N Not done   In progress[3]  N Not done

References edit

  1. https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T332022
  2. T339247 – Create entry points for the Incident Report dialog with DiscussionTools