Amek ara tet tekkiḍ

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agbur meṛṛa n Isenfaṛen n Wikimedia yeffeɣ-d daw n turagin tilelliyin. Aru tangalt akken ad tkecmeḍ, beddel udiɣ snerni ilel-agi meqqren n tmusni tilellit s useqdec n ifecka uzmiren Ḍfeṛ atuṭuryel akken ad tebḍuḍ s API, yellan akk deg iwikiyen MediaWiki, d API nniḍen i ugbur d Wikidata. iɣbula n isefka yeldin nniḍen, igebren XML d SQL dumps, llan daɣen. Write code to access, remix and grow this immense pool of free knowledge. Follow the tutorial to get started with the API, available on all MediaWiki wikis, and other APIs for content and Wikidata. Other open data sources, including XML and SQL dumps, are also available.
Our code is all free and open source. Choose a project, provide a patch, and fix a task!

Wikimedia projects use a variety of languages such as PHP and JavaScript in MediaWiki and its extensions, Lua (in Templates), CSS/LESS (in skins etc.), Objective-C, Swing and Java (in Mobile Apps and Kiwix), Python (in Pywikibot), C++ (in Huggle), or C# (in AWB). Create bots to process content and host your tools on Toolforge. Hack on mobile apps or on desktop applications. Or help Site Reliability Engineering maintain the server configuration.

Learn more at New Developers/Introduction to the Wikimedia Technical Ecosystem .
Help improve the quality of our projects through PHPUnit testing, automated browser testing via Selenium, and Continuous Integration. Report your first bug or help with existing bug reports.
As a Tech ambassador, help other Wikimedians with technical issues, relay Tech News to inform users about what is going to impact them, and join the ambassadors' group and the mailing list to act as a bridge between developers and your local wiki.
Imyura s teglizit zemren ad snernin tasemlit n MediaWiki, akked isebtar n tallelt ilaqen daɣen, yal asebter n usmel-agi web.
Ma tesned tutlayt-nniḍen ar idis n teglizit tzemreḍ ad tmudded afus s tsuqilt n usmel-agi web akked useɣzan MediaWiki.
Help users and developers looking for answers at the support desk or the MediaWiki communication and social media channels.
Help apply the Wikimedia design principles in projects looking for UX feedback.
Mlal tamezdagnut cyberspace neɣ udem ar wudem.
How-to guides and walkthroughs for MediaWiki and Wikimedia technologies

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  • You can also follow and share Wikimedia news across your social network.
  • You can also subscribe to Tech News to receive a weekly summary on your user talk page of recent software changes, without technical jargon.

Editing and discussing in MediaWiki

If you have not used MediaWiki before:

  • You can discuss the content of each page in its related Discussion page. You can communicate with users by adding a public message in their discussion pages. Learn more at Help:Talk pages .