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Release status: stabiel
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Implementatie Special page , Locale , API , Parser function
Beschrijving Maakt het vertalen op de wiki zelf mogelijk, waaronder ook het redigeren en controleren van vertalingen
Auteur(s) Niklas Laxström, Siebrand Mazeland en anderen
Laatste versie 2022-04-26
Compatibility policy Master maintains backward compatibility.
MediaWiki >= 1.36.4 < 1.37 || >= 1.37.2
Database wijzigingen Ja
Composer mediawiki/translate
Tabellen revtag
Licentie GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Download Inbegrepen in de MediaWiki-bundel met extensies voor taalondersteuning (MLEB)

Help Help:Extension:Translate/nl
Voorbeeld Translatewiki.net – of probeer nu meteen een pagina te vertalen
  • $wgTranslateFuzzyBotName
  • $wgTranslatePageTranslationULS
  • $wgTranslateDocumentationLanguageCode
  • $wgTranslateGroupSynchronizationCache
  • $wgTranslateUserManagerName
  • $wgTranslateSandboxLimit
  • $wgTranslateStatsProviders
  • $wgTranslateGroupAliases
  • $wgTranslateRcFilterDefault
  • $wgTranslateAuthorExclusionList
  • $wgTranslateKeepOutdatedTranslations
  • $wgTranslateGroupRoot
  • $wgTranslatePageMoveLimit
  • $wgEnablePageTranslation
  • $wgTranslateEnableMessageBundleIntegration
  • $wgTranslatePermissionUrl
  • $wgTranslateUsePreSaveTransform
  • $wgTranslateSecondaryPermissionUrl
  • $wgTranslateSupportUrlNamespace
  • $wgTranslateDisabledTargetLanguages
  • $wgTranslateMessageIndex
  • $wgPageTranslationLanguageList
  • $wgTranslateTranslationServices
  • $wgTranslateGroupFiles
  • $wgTranslateMessageNamespaces
  • $wgTranslateValidationExclusionFile
  • $wgTranslateTranslationDefaultService
  • $wgTranslateYamlLibrary
  • $wgTranslateSandboxPromotedGroup
  • $wgTranslateUseSandbox
  • $wgTranslateLanguageFallbacks
  • $wgTranslateSupportUrl
  • $wgTranslateCacheDirectory
  • $wgTranslateWorkflowStates
  • translate
  • translate-import
  • translate-manage
  • translate-messagereview
  • translate-groupreview
Translate the Translate extension

Bekijk gebruik en versiematrix

Problemen Open taken · Rapporteer een bug

De extensie Translate maakt van MediaWiki een krachtig gereedschap om ieder type tekst te vertalen. Het wordt vooral gebruikt om software te vertalen en om meer-talige wiki’s op een verstandige manier te beheren.


The Translate extension has many features specifically targeted to translators, while making back-end integration with actual source code as easy as possible. Meanwhile, everything runs inside MediaWiki, which allows users an almost endless degree of freedom for communication and self-organization.

Functies inbegrepen:

Gestructureerde wijze van vertalen van de inhoud van een wikipagina

  • In-wiki localisation and exporting of software interface messages (or just about anything).
  • Web-based translation and proofreading interface, as well as gettext based export and import for off-line translation.
  • Various aids to make the job of translators easier:
    • display of translations in globally defined other languages, optionally expanded with user defined languages;
    • collaborative editing of documentation of the use and context of messages;
    • translation memory and machine translation with external tools (Apertium, Microsoft Translator, Yandex.Translate);
    • weergave van de laatste verandering in het bronbericht;
    • warnings about common mistakes like parameters that are not used.
  • Pre-made modules for various open source products you can use as an example.
  • A versatile plug-in system to make it easy to add new projects as a message group.
  • Verschillende statestieken:
    • translation completion percentages for all message groups in all supported languages;
    • translation completion percentages in all supported languages for any supported message group;
    • tool for making activity graphs for spans of time.

Can display either number of edits or active users daily or hourly and includes many filters;

    • cloud overview of active languages and translators.

Translate extension, due to its large user base, is confirmed to be compatible with all reasonably recent browsers, except some minor (style) glitches which are quickly fixed.

Ondersteuning en documentatie

  • Please report all issues and feature requests in the issue tracker

Translate extension was originally developed by User:Nikerabbit; many other users, like User:Raymond, User:SPQRobin and the Wikimedia Language team, have contributed to its code and documentation. It is maintained by User:Nikerabbit and User:Siebrand.

Prominente gebruikers van de vertaal extensie

Lees meer op Wikipedia:translatewiki.net#Notable uses.


Tom Hutchison van Joomla:

The Translate extension allows for connection to a translation service and can auto fill the translation for you. At the same time a translator can make adjustments so you're not creating lots of pages with inaccurate translations.

Dat is prima als ze zich op verschillende bevinden. Dat is eigenlijk een voordeel, want werk wordt nu 24 uur per dag gedaan. What they need is a support group chat for each other. They would all be able to read English if they are translating right? Teach a few simple wiki markup such as links and what to do with categories. Zij helpen andere die op hun beurt ook weer anderen helpen. We have over 40 in a chat who help each other and have fun at the same time. And they were all scared of the wiki but couldn't believe how easy it was once they started. They are actually waiting on me for more translations to do because I can't keep up with them. I know there is only 1 translating this language or that language. Wij hebben dat ook. One person is doing Swahili while another one is working on Japanese. Je markeert ook pagina's voor vertaling. You control whether to include templates or exclude variables in template calls.

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