Help:Extension:Translate/Move translatable page

Recommended prior reading: Help:Moving_a_page

When moving a source page that has been translated to other languages using the Translate extension, along with the source page the translation pages also have to be moved. Translation pages exist as subpages of the source page. For eg, if we have a source page with the name FooBar, and the page has been translated to French, and Spanish, then the translation pages will exist at FooBar/fr and FooBar/es

The process to move a translated source page is the same as a normal page. The difference is in the way the subpages are moved.


In the image, we are moving a translatable source page. There are a few sections to note here,

  1. Translation page: These are the languages to which the source page has been translated to. This will be moved.
  2. Translation unit pages: These are the smallest individually tracked component of translatable pages: the page is divided into paragraph-sized translation units and each unit is a message. All of these will also be moved.
  3. Subpage marked for translation: These are other translatable source pages that exist as subpages under the source page that is being moved. These cannot be moved as part of the current move operation but has to be moved separately.
  4. Other subpage: These are normal subpages under the source translatable page that is being moved. The user can choose to move this by selecting the Move all subpages option on the screen.

Once the user initiates the move process, the actual moving will be done via background jobs. The status of the "move job" can be tracked via the Page translation log.