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Moving (renaming) a page means giving it another name. This is done by using the "renommer" tab at the top. The tab is not visible if you are not logged in. Then simply enter the new name and click "Renommer la page". Normally you would want to leave the "Renommer aussi la page de discussion associée" option ticked.

Si vous voulez déplacer "A" vers "B", il se produira les étapes suivantes:

  • Le nom de la page "A" est changé en "B"
  • L'historique des versions de la page "A" devient l'historique des versions de la page "B"
  • Une nouvelle page "A" est créée avec une redirection vers "B".

The second point is important. By using the "Renommer" feature, you also move the editing history, which is desirable in most situations. The editing history allows people to see how the contents of the page were built up, and who contributed what. If you move contents around by copying and pasting (not using the move feature), you do not achieve this (see also Help:Suivre les modificationsHelp:Tracking changes).

Because the move operation leaves behind a redirect (see Help:Redirects/frHelp:Redirects), it should not result in any broken links, however you might want to hunt down pages or other redirects which link in to the redirect, and change their text to link directly to the new title. The "Pages liées" feature, which can be used through the link in the Outils (at bottom of the sidebar on the left) is useful when doing this.

Proposer un renommageEdit

Deciding on a page title can be a difficult aspect of wiki organization, and one which can often provoke debates. If the move you have in mind is one which might cause upset or could be considered controversial, you should propose the move first. Do this by leaving a note giving your reasons on the talk page. You might also establish a system for labeling the page itself, with a move proposal template, to make everybody aware of your intentions.

Annuler un renommageEdit

Comme dans les modifications, un renommage peut être annulé (par n'importe quel utilisateur pouvant renommer une page). Pour annuler un renommage, il suffit de renommer "B" en "A" dans l'exemple pris au début de la page. Il y a une seule condition, la page "A" ne doit pas être modifié entre temps (il faut que l'historique de "A" ne contienne qu'une seule version et que celle-ci soit une redirection vers "B"). Cette opération peut aussi être effectuée pour une page dont la redirection n'a pas été créée par un renommage, mais elle doit satisfaire la condition ci-dessus.

The page title "B" will still be left behind, as a redirect from "B" to "A". Any user can remove the redirect and propose that the page be deleted. However the final deletion will require sysop privileges (see Help:Deleting a pageHelp:Deleting a page).

Déplacer une page sans créer de redirectionEdit

Relevant option highlighted

Users with the suppressredirect user right can optionally move a page without creating a redirect. This is particularly useful when undoing a move.

Lorsque l'utilisateur possède ce droit, une nouvelle case cochable apparaît lorsqu'il veut déplacer une page (voir figure à droite).

Mass renaming / movingEdit

MediaWiki does not offer a special page with which to perform a batch operation for page moves. There may be alternatives, depending on your situation:

Moving subpagesEdit

Users with the move-subpages user right can optionally move subpages of a page, preserving its "tree" structure. If you specify the root page you want to move in the title (by visiting Special:MovePage/Some_page), the special page displays the subpages of that root page.

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