Details edit

moveBatch.php file is a maintenance script to move (rename) a batch of pages. If the target page already exist it will fail with an error message.

Usage edit

Option/Parameter Description
-u ‎<user> Username that will be shown in the log entries. If left empty, moves will be attributed to the user called Move page script.
-r ‎<reason> Reason for moves, enclose in "…" if it contains spaces. If empty, no reason will be shown in the logs.
-i ‎<interval> Number of seconds to sleep after each move. If empty, defaults to 0.
--noredirects Suppress creation of redirects
‎<listfile> File should contain lines of text in the following format:
existing name 1|new name 1
existing name 2|new name 2
existing name 3|new name 3

Example edit

php /path/to/moveBatch.php --u=user --r=reason --noredirects /path/to/listfile.txt
Parameters need to be addressed with -- and filled with = as shown in the example above.
  • Ensure that MediaWiki is running.
  • Open Command Prompt by pressing ⊞ Win+R, typing cmd, and presing ↵ Enter.
\path\to\php.exe \path\to\moveBatch.php --u=user --r=reason --noredirects \path\to\listfiles.txt

Example command:

C:\xampp\core\php55\php.exe C:\xampp\htdocs\mw\maintenance\moveBatch.php --u=user --r=reason --noredirects C:\xxx.txt