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Weelcome til the portal fer VisualEditor (VeesualEediter). VisualEditor (VE) is ae new waa o eeditin Wikipædia that's bein deveelipt bi the Wikimedia Foundation. It permits fowk tae eedit wiot haein tae learn wiki maurkup. We hope that it will heelp fawk contreebute til Wikipædia.

Read Help:VeesualEediter/Uiser guide .
Find out how to make links, add or move images, create citations, insert templates, edit tables, and more. Please include your web browser, computer operating system, and Wikipedia skin (usually Vector, sometimes Monobook).

Aneat VisualEditor

VisualEditor is ae "veesual" waa o eeditin Wikipædia. Histericlie, eeditin Wikipædia haes needed fawk tae learn wiki maurkup, ae fairlie complex maurkup leid, even tae mak fair wee chynges til ae page. In 2001, this wis acceptable; in 2013, it is drivin contreebuters awa. We hope that VisualEditor will be uissefu til exeestin contreebuters n mair weelcomin til new contreebuters.

VisualEditor haes been available aes an opt-in "alpha" release oan the Ingils-leid Wikipædia sin Dizember 2012, in 14 mair leids sin April 2013, n awmaist aw ither leids sin the beginnin o Juin. We expect tae mak it available til awmaist aw Wikimedia Foundation wikis bi the end o 2014. We expect to make it available by default to most of the remaining languages in late 2015. Since late November 2014, it is also available as an opt-in Beta Feature at all WMF wikis except Wiktionary and Wikisource.

We'll be releasin regulair status updates at

Using VisualEditor

Using the visual editor to increase the indentation of a bulleted list.

If you're interested in using VisualEditor for editing, we have a guide to doing so, as well as a list of common keyboard shortcuts.

VisualEditor has some current bugs and limitations. If you encounter an issue, please do not hesitate to report it on the Feedback page. Current limitations include:

  • Slaw tae laid — It will tak ae while fer lang, complex pages tae laid intil VisualEditor. In the futur, the saffware will be ae lot faster, n will permit the laidin o muckler pages.
  • Oncompleate eeditin — Some elements o complex formattin will displey n lat ye eedit thair contents, bit will na lat uisers eedit thair structur or eik new entries – like defineetion leets. Eikin featurs in this aurie is yin o oor priorities.
  • Maist content pages, na tauk pages — VisualEditor is yinlie enabled fer some namespaces. At maist Wikipædias, VisualEditor can be uised oan airticles, User:, File:, Help: and Category: pages. VisualEditor isna available fer Wikipedia: pages or onie tauk pages the nou.

Cause o thir leemitations, n ineveetable bugs, we recommend that uisers clap "Review your changes" afore hain the page, n report onie proablems that thay encoonter.

Hou tae heelp oot

Fer VisualEditor tae be aes guid aes it can be, thaur's ae lot o things that we need heelp wi. Obveeislie, yin muckle aurie is uisin the saffware, fyndin bugs n reportin thaim, bit thaur's monie ither tasks aes weel. Thir incluid:

  • Updatin heelp pages — Aw o oor waurks hae heelp pages fer tae mak it easier fer new uisers tae contreebute. Onfortunatelie thay'r aw biggit roond the maurkup eediter, n aes VisualEditor evolves, the screenshots n tutorials will aw become ootdated. It wid be fair uissefu gif fawk cid update heelp pages, based oan oor tuterial fer uisin VisualEditor.
  • Eikin TemplateData til templates — VisualEditor featurs ae nice template eediter, that's descreebed in mair detail oan or heelp page. Aes ye'll see gif ye uise it oan Wikipædia, some templates hae named boondins n nice descreeptions that mak it easie tae uise. Ithers dinna. This is cause templates need "TemplateData" afore this featur will wairk. Gif ye'r interested in eikin TemplateData, we hae ae guide til daein sae, alang wi ae leet o the maist important templates tae eik it til.
  • Heelp new uisers — Gif the VisualEditor launch is successfu, we will hae ae lot mair new uisers than we'r uised til, n even thooch eeditin micht be easier, wairkin oot hou tae interact wi the communitie will still be haurd. Please spend some time oan the heelp desk, or in the IRC heelp channel, tae heelp thir newcomers become acclimatised til Wikipædia.

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