Wikipedias edit

The following is the listing of Wikipedias, grouped by the phases of the VisualEditor rollout. The order of the phases is largely based on language support; languages in Latin and Cyrillic (Phases 1, 2, 3, 4) are relatively easy for VE to support, and other alphabets present challenges for integrating the software (Phase 6). Some wikis also need a character inserter for easy editing (Phase 5); this is because they employ characters or diacritic marks not supported by common keyboards in the region where they are in use. A small number of wikis have complex "variant" software that allows editors and readers to switch between scripts (Phase 7); examples of these are Chinese and Serbo-Croatian. There is a further group of wikipedias that have been closed or deprecated, these are marked as Phase 0.

Code Language Phase Script used on-wiki *Desktop* Default (opt-out) Single Edit Tab *Mobile* Default (opt-out)
aa Afar 0 Latin   Done
cho Choctaw 0 Latin   Done
ho Hiri Motu 0 Latin   Done
hz Herero 0 Latin   Done
ii Yi 0 Yi   Done
kj Kuanyama 0 Latin   Done
kr Kanuri 0 Latin   Done
mh Marshallese 0 Latin   Done
mo Moldavian 0 Cyrillic   Done
mus Muskogee 0 Latin   Done
ng Ndonga 0 Latin   Done
en English 0 Latin   Done for logged-in users;
not yet for logged-out users
de German 1 Latin   Done
es Spanish 1 Latin   Done for logged-in users;
not yet for logged-out users
fr French 1 Latin   Done
he Hebrew 1 Hebrew   Done
it Italian 1 Latin   Done
nl Dutch 1 Latin   Done
pl Polish 1 Latin   Done Removed[1]
ru Russian 1 Cyrillic   Done
sv Swedish 1 Latin   Done
bg Bulgarian 2 Cyrillic   Done
ca Catalan 2 Latin   Done
ceb Cebuano 2 Latin   Done
cs Czech 2 Latin   Done
da Danish 2 Latin   Done
el Modern Greek 2 Greek   Done
et Estonian 2 Latin   Done
eu Basque 2 Latin   Done
fi Finnish 2 Latin   Done
gl Galician 2 Latin   Done
hr Croatian 2 Latin   Done
hu Hungarian 2 Latin   Done   Done
id Indonesian 2 Latin   Done
lv Latvian 2 Latin   Done
ms Malay 2 Latin   Done
nap Neapolitan 2 Latin   Done
nn Norwegian - Nynorsk 2 Latin   Done
no Norwegian - Bokmål 2 Latin   Done
sc Sardinian 2 Latin   Done
scn Sicilian 2 Latin   Done
simple Simple English 2 Latin   Done
sk Slovak 2 Latin   Done
sl Slovenian 2 Latin   Done
tr Turkish 2 Latin   Done
uk Ukrainian 2 Cyrillic   Done
vec Venetian 2 Latin   Done
vo Volapük 2 Latin   Done
war Waray-Waray 2 Latin   Done
ace Acehnese 3 Latin   Done
ay Aymara 3 Latin   Done
bcl Central Bikol 3 Latin   Done
bi Bislama 3 Latin   Done
bjn Banjar 3 Latin   Done
cbk-zam Chavacano 3 Latin   Done
ce Chechen 3 Cyrillic   Done
ch Chamorro 3 Latin   Done
chy Cheyenne 3 Latin   Done
co Corsican 3 Latin   Done
csb Kashubian 3 Latin   Done
diq Zazaki 3 Latin   Done
eml Emilian-Romagnol 3 Latin   Done
ext Extremaduran 3 Latin   Done
fj Fijian 3 Latin   Done
fo Faroese 3 Latin   Done
frp Franco-Provençal/Arpitan 3 Latin   Done
frr North Frisian 3 Latin   Done
fur Friulian 3 Latin   Done
gd Scottish Gaelic 3 Latin   Done
haw Hawai'ian 3 Latin   Done
hif Fiji Hindi 3 Latin   Done
ht Haitian 3 Latin   Done
ia Interlingua 3 Latin   Done
ie Interlingue/Occidental 3 Latin   Done
ilo Ilokano 3 Latin   Done
io Ido 3 Latin   Done
jbo Lojban 3 Latin   Done
kg Kongo 3 Latin   Done
ki Kikuyu 3 Latin   Done
kl Greenlandic 3 Latin   Done
koi Komi-Permyak 3 Cyrillic   Done
ksh Ripuarian 3 Latin   Done
kw Cornish 3 Latin   Done
lad Ladino 3 Latin   Done
lbe Lak 3 Cyrillic   Done
lg Ganda 3 Latin   Done
li Limburgish 3 Latin   Done
lij Ligurian 3 Latin   Done
lmo Lombard 3 Latin   Done
map-bms Banyumasan 3 Latin   Done
mg Malagasy 3 Latin   Done
mi Maori 3 Latin   Done
min Minangkabau 3 Latin   Done
mwl Mirandese 3 Latin   Done
myv Erzya 3 Cyrillic   Done
na Nauruan 3 Latin   Done
nds Low Saxon 3 Latin   Done
nds-nl Dutch Low Saxon 3 Latin   Done
nov Novial 3 Latin   Done
nrm Norman 3 Latin   Done
nso Northern Sotho 3 Latin   Done
ny Chichewa 3 Latin   Done
om Oromo 3 Latin   Done
pag Pangasinan 3 Latin   Done
pam Kapampangan 3 Latin   Done
pap Papiamento 3 Latin   Done
pcd Picard 3 Latin   Done
pdc Pennsylvania German 3 Latin   Done
pih Norfuk 3 Latin   Done
pms Piedmontese 3 Latin   Done
pt Portuguese 3 Latin   Done
qu Quechuan 3 Latin   Done
rm Romansh 3 Latin   Done
rmy Romani 3 Latin   Done
rn Kirundi 3 Latin   Done
roa-rup Aromanian 3 Latin   Done
roa-tara Tarantino 3 Latin   Done
rw Kinyarwanda 3 Latin   Done
se Northern Sami 3 Latin   Done
sg Sango 3 Latin   Done
sm Samoan 3 Latin   Done
sn Shona 3 Latin   Done
so Somali 3 Latin   Done
srn Sranan 3 Latin   Done
ss Swazi 3 Latin   Done
st Sesotho 3 Latin   Done
stq Saterland Frisian 3 Latin   Done
su Sundanese 3 Latin   Done
to Tongan 3 Latin   Done
tpi Tok Pisin 3 Latin   Done
ts Tsonga 3 Latin   Done
tum Tumbuka 3 Latin   Done
ty Tahitian 3 Latin   Done
tyv Tuvan 3 Cyrillic   Done
vep Veps 3 Latin   Done
vls West Flemish 3 Latin   Done
xal Kalmyk 3 Cyrillic   Done
yi Yiddish 3 Hebrew   Done
yo Yoruba 3 Latin   Done
zea Zeelandic 3 Latin   Done
zu Zulu 3 Latin   Done
als Alemannic 4 Latin   Done
an Aragonese 4 Latin   Done
ast Asturian 4 Latin   Done
bar Bavarian 4 Latin   Done
be Belarusian 4 Cyrillic   Done
be-tarask Belarussian Taraškievica 4 Cyrillic   Done
bs Bosnian 4 Latin   Done
eo Esperanto 4 Latin   Done
fy West Frisian 4 Latin   Done
ga Irish 4 Latin   Done
jv Javanese 4 Latin   Done
la Latin 4 Latin   Done
lb Luxembourgish 4 Latin   Done
lt Lithuanian 4 Latin   Done
oc Occitan 4 Latin   Done
pfl Palatinate German 4 Latin   Done
ro Romanian 4 Latin   Done
sco Scots 4 Latin   Done
sq Albanian 4 Latin   Done
sw Swahili 4 Latin   Done
tl Tagalog 4 Latin   Done
tn Tswana 4 Latin   Done
vi Vietnamese 4 Latin   Done
xh Xhosa 4 Latin   Done
ab Abkhazian 5 Cyrillic   Done
ady Adyghe 5 Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic   Done
af Afrikaans 5 Latin   Done
ak Akan 5 Latin   Done
ang Anglo-Saxon 5 Latin   Done
av Avar 5 Cyrillic   Done
az Azerbaijani 5 Latin   Done
ba Bashkir 5 Cyrillic   Done
bat-smg Samogitian 5 Latin   Done
bm Bambara 5 Latin   Done
br Breton 5 Latin   Done
bxr Buryat 5 Cyrillic   Done
crh Crimean Tatar 5 Latin   Done
cu Old Church Slavonic 5 Cyrillic   Done
cv Chuvash 5 Cyrillic   Done
cy Welsh 5 Latin   Done
dsb Lower Sorbian 5 Latin   Done
ee Ewe 5 Latin   Done
ff Fula 5 Latin   Done
fiu-vro Võro 5 Latin   Done
gag Gagauz 5 Latin   Done
gn Guarani 5 Latin   Done
ha Hausa 5 Latin   Done
hsb Upper Sorbian 5 Latin   Done
ig Igbo 5 Latin   Done
ik Inupiak 5 Latin, Inupiak   Done
is Icelandic 5 Latin   Done
jam Jamaican Patois 5 Latin   Done
kaa Karakalpak 5 Latin   Done
kab Kabyle 5 Latin   Done
kbd Kabardian 5 Cyrillic   Done
krc Karachay-Balkar 5 Cyrillic   Done
kv Komi 5 Cyrillic   Done
ky Kyrgyz 5 Cyrillic   Done
lez Lezgian 5 Cyrillic   Done
ln Lingala 5 Latin   Done
ltg Latgalian 5 Latin   Done
mdf Moksha 5 Cyrillic   Done
mhr Meadow Mari 5 Cyrillic   Done
mk Macedonian 5 Cyrillic   Done
mn Mongolian 5 Cyrillic   Done
mrj Hill Mari 5 Cyrillic   Done
mt Maltese 5 Latin   Done
nah Nahuatl 5 Latin   Done
nv Navajo 5 Latin   Done
os Ossetian 5 Cyrillic   Done
rue Rusyn 5 Cyrillic   Done
sah Sakha 5 Cyrillic   Done
szl Silesian 5 Latin   Done
tk Turkmen 5 Latin   Done
tt Tatar 5 Cyrillic   Done
udm Udmurt 5 Cyrillic   Done
ve Venda 5 Latin   Done
wa Walloon 5 Latin   Done
wo Wolof 5 Latin   Done
am Amharic 6.1 Ge'ez   Done
bug Buginese 6.1 Latin, Lontara   Done
cdo Min Dong 6.1 Latin   Done
cr Cree 6.1 Latin, Cree   Done
gv Manx 6.1 Latin   Done
hak Hakka 6.1 Latin   Done
hy Armenian 6.1 Armenian   Done
ka Georgian 6.1 Georgian   Done
pnt Pontic 6.1 Greek   Done
sh Serbo-Croatian 6.1 Latin   Done
ti Tigrinya 6.1 Ge'ez   Done
xmf Mingrelian 6.1 Georgian   Done
za Zhuang 6.1 Latin   Done
zh-min-nan Min Nan 6.1 Latin   Done
ja Japanese 6.2 Japanese   Done   Done
ko Korean 6.3 Korean   Done   Done
wuu Wu 6.4 Chinese   Done   Done
zh-classical Classical Chinese 6.4 Chinese   Done   Done
zh-yue Cantonese 6.4 Chinese   Done   Done
ar Arabic 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
arz Egyptian Arabic 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
azb Southern Azerbaijani 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
ckb Sorani Kurdish 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
fa Persian 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
glk Gilaki 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
lrc Northern Luri 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
mzn Mazanderani 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
pnb Western Punjabi 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
ps Pashto 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
sd Sindhi 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
ug Uyghur 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
ur Urdu 6.5 Arabic   Done   Done
mai Maithili 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
ml Malayalam 6.6 Malayalam   Done   Done
mr Marathi 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
as Assamese 6.6 Bengali   Done   Done
bh Bhojpuri 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
bn Bengali 6.6 Bengali   Done   Done
bo Tibetan 6.6 Tibetan   Done   Done
bpy Bishnupriya 6.6 Bengali   Done   Done
dz Dzongkha 6.6 Tibetan   Done   Done
gom Goan Konkani 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
gu Gujarati 6.6 Gujarati   Done   Done
hi Hindi 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
kn Kannada 6.6 Kannada   Done   Done
ks Kashmiri 6.6 Arabic and Devanagari   Done   Done
ne Nepali 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
new Nepal Bhasa 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
or Odia 6.6 Oriya   Done   Done
pa Punjabi 6.6 Gurmukhi   Done   Done
pi Pali 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
sa Sanskrit 6.6 Devanagari   Done   Done
si Sinhala 6.6 Sinhala   Done   Done
ta Tamil 6.6 Tamil   Done   Done
tcy Tulu 6.6 Kannada   Done   Done
te Telugu 6.6 Telugu   Done   Done
arc Aramaic 6.7 Aramaic   Done   Done
chr Cherokee 6.7 Cherokee   Done   Done
dv Dhivehi 6.7 Thaana   Done   Done
got Gothic 6.7 Gothic   Done   Done
km Khmer 6.7 Khmer   Done   Done
lo Lao 6.7 Lao   Done   Done
my Burmese 6.7 Burmese   Done   Done
tet Tetum 6.7 Latin   Done   Done
th Thai 6.7 Thai   Done   Done
tw Twi 6.7 Latin   Done   Done
gan Gan 7 Chinese (simplified and traditional)   Done
iu Inuktitut 7 Inuktitut, Latin   Done
kk Kazakh 7 Cyrillic, Latin   Done
ku Kurdish 7 Arabic, Latin   Done
sr Serbian 7 Cyrillic, Latin   Done
tg Tajik 7 Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic   Done
uz Uzbek 7 Latin, Cyrillic   Done
zh Chinese 7 Chinese (simplified and traditional; information)   Done for logged-in users;
not yet for logged-out users

Other projects edit

Every public Wikimedia wiki has the visual editor available for opt-in testing and use by logged-in users ("Beta Feature"). Though the initial focus was on supporting Wikipedias, deployment of VisualEditor as an option that is available by default (without the user needing to specifically enable it) is being worked on for sister projects too. Individual requests from sister communities are granted when feasible. If your community would like to have VisualEditor enabled, then please file a request in Phabricator, ask the team on IRC, or leave a message at VisualEditor/Feedback.

Wiktionaries edit

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The visual editor was deployed to the Swedish Wiktionary in November 2013 for opt-in testing; since April 2016 it has been available for opt-in on all Wiktionaries. In April 2014 the French Wiktionary community asked for the visual editor to be provided to all users. Because Wiktionaries rely very heavily on templates, communities wanting to get the most out of the visual editor should ensure that all the core templates have excellent TemplateData provided.

Wikiquotes edit

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All Wikiquotes have access to the visual editor for opt-in. On the Catalan Wikiquote it is available by default.

Wikibookses edit

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All Wikibookses have access to the visual editor for opt-in. On the French and Portuguese Wikibooks it is available by default.

Wikisources edit

  To do (65)

The visual editor has been available for opt-in on all Wikisources since April 2016. Work by User:Tpt and others to provide editing of <pages> tags is now done in an early fashion, and a integration into the Page: namespace for side-by-side copy-editing is underway.

Wikinewses edit

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The visual editor is available for opt-in on all Wikinewses, and available for all on the French Wikinews. There are no current plans to work on making it available by default there.

Wikiversities edit

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The visual editor is available for opt-in on all Wikiversities. On the French and Portuguese Wikiversities it is available by default. There are no current plans to work on making it available by default there.

Wikivoyages edit

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The visual editor is available by default on all Wikivoyages except Chinese and Russian, where it is opt-in. The team is working with those two wikis' communities to make it available by default in the next few months.

Others edit

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The visual editor is available by default on all Wikimania wikis, (this site), Wikitech, and a few others. It's available opt-in on the others like Meta, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. The team are not currently planning on working with these communities to enable it further.

Namespaces edit

Several communities in time have requested the visual editor to be enabled on additional namespaces. Here's a (probably) partial list: