Help:VisualEditor/Community Taskforce

Have you been involved in community work related to the visual editor? Have you supported your community with the rollout? Then please add your name below!

A cross-wiki group of experienced contributors who can help other Wikimedian fellows around the world, especially the ones from smaller communities with little to no capacity, to set up their sites and optimize the editing experience, is being built. Thanks for stepping up to share your experience and knowledge with others! Your efforts matter, this page acknowledges them, and provides a way for other editors to connect with the ones who could "mentor" them in the various tasks.

Please add your name and your home wiki name to all relevant sections, and remind others to do so. If you are wondering whether you're skilled enough to get listed on this page: you definitely are.



Are you a community point of contact, a Phabricator expert, and/or a feedback handler?



Are you an expert translator for help pages and/or interface messages?

List of translators for the visual editor newsletter: m:VisualEditor/Newsletter/Translators

TemplateData and Citoid experts


Did you add TemplateData information to templates? Did you configure Citoid locally? Can you write a Zotero translator?

Other code experts


Did you set up the special characters page or others in the MediaWiki namespace?



Are you using the visual editor for all or most of your edits? Are you showing others how to use it (either in a formal or informal context)? Have you written or improved related help pages?

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