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O ti jẹ ọdun 12 lati igba ti awọ Wikimedia aiyipada lọwọlọwọ (Vector) ti wa ni ransogun. Ninu ewadun to koja, wiwo naa ti ni afikun pelu awọn amugbooro, awọn ohun elo ati awọn iwe afọwọkọ olumulo. Pupọ ninu iwọnyi ko ni iṣakojọpọ ni oju tabi agbelebu-wiki.

Ni akoko kanna, apẹrẹ wẹẹbu, ati awọn ireti ti awọn oluka ati awọn olootu, ti wa.

A ro pe o to akoko lati mu diẹ ninu awọn imọran wọnyi ki o mu wọn wa si iriri aifọwọyi ti gbogbo awọn olumulo, lori gbogbo wiki, ni ọna ti o ṣeto ati deede.

Our goals are to make Wikimedia wikis more welcoming and to increase the utility amongst readers and maintain utility for existing editors. We measure the increase of trust and positive sentiment towards our sites, and the utility of our sites (the usage of common actions such as search and language switching).

Lọwọlọwọ, lori ọpọlọpọ awọn wiki, awọn olumulo ti o wọle nikan ni anfani lati jade ni ẹyọkan. Lori wiki ti a yan, awọn ayipada wa ti wa ni ransogun fun gbogbo nipasẹ aiyipada, ati awọn olumulo ti o wọle ni anfani lati jade. A nireti lati mu eto wiki ti olugba kutukutu pọ si diẹdiẹ, titi awọn ilọsiwaju wa yoo fi jẹ aiyipada lori gbogbo wiki ni Oṣu Keje 2022.

Oṣù Keje 2022: Page title/tabs switch

Page title & tabs switch - ca.png

We are deploying one of our latest updates. The page title will be displayed above the tabs such as Discussion, Read, Edit, View history, or More.

With this change, we are improving two things. First, we are making it clear that the items in the tabs are related to the the page that's being viewed. It's becoming apparent when we put the page title first. This change also makes switching languages easier. It moved the language button into an even more prominent position at the top of the page. Learn more on Phabricator.

We have been introducing this change in small steps. Since the last days of June, it's been available to all users opted into the Vector 2022 skin, and some early adopter wikis. During the week of July 4, the change will become visible on all the early adopter wikis.

In addition to that, our next office hours will be on July 26 instead of July 12. This will allow us to prepare the communication about making Vector 2022 the default across more wikis. We are also working on better language support for office hours in the future. More information on this coming soon!

Oṣù Kẹrin 2022: Table of Contents is available

We have deployed the new table of contents. It makes it easier to gain context of the contents of a page and navigate the page without needing to scroll to the top.

It is currently available to three groups of users. First, all who use Vector 2022 and are not on our pilot wikis. Second and third - 50% of logged-in users of Hebrew and Basque Wikipedias. Next week, we will be A/B testing the table of contents across the rest of our pilot wikis. We would like to check if there's a decrease in the need to scroll to the top of the page.

Before all that, we prepared a series of prototype tests with both readers and editors. To read more about how we worked on the feature based on feedback, please see the project page.

Now, we are working on the feature based on the feedback from users mentioned in the second paragraph. In particular:

  • ToC on narrower screens. We have increased the threshold for which the ToC currently hides to 1000px. (See T306904 for more context). This was to make it more comfortable to read on narrower screens. This is a temporary fix, though. The conversation about the best solution will continue in T306660. By the end of April/early May we hope to have clear next steps on our preference of the options presented there.
  • We are beginning the work on reducing the margins for screens between 1000px - 1200px. This will make the table of contents smaller and create more space for text. We will track this in T307004 and will probably have the implementation ready within a few days.

Oṣù Kẹta 2022: Development of the Table of Contents

The results of our 3rd prototype testing showed an overwhelming support for the proposed table of contents. Based on that, the team focused on developing this feature. The new table of contents will be persistent - users will have access to it at all times. It will also make it easier to understand the context of the page. In addition to that, it will be possible to navigate to different parts of the page without having to scroll all the way back to the top. We are expecting to deploy the new table of contents to our pilot wikis in the first half of April.

What is our objective?

Imagine a wardrobe

Currently, the interface…

…doesn't match the expectations.…is cluttered and not intuitive.…doesn't highlight the community side.…isn't consistent with the mobile version.

  1. The desktop interface does not match the expectations created by the modern web platforms. It feels disorienting and disconnected. Navigation and interface links are organized haphazardly.
  2. There is clutter that distracts users from focusing on what they came for. It is challenging for readers to focus on the content. It is not possible for them to intuitively switch languages, search for content, or adjust reading settings. New editors are unable to use their intuition to set up their account, open the editor, or learn how to use non-article pages for moderation purposes.
  3. A very small percentage of readers understand how Wikimedia wikis function. Many readers are not aware that the content they are reading is written by volunteers and updated frequently, or that they can potentially contribute as well.
  4. The large difference in experiences among our desktop interface, apps, and the mobile web, makes it difficult for readers to connect our products. There is a lack of unity in the concept of Wikimedia sites.

How the changes are made


We do not touch the content.We do not remove any functionality.We do not change skins other than Vector.We are inspired by the existing gadgets.We do not make major changes in single steps.

  1. We are working on the interface only. No work will be done in terms of styling templates, the structure of page contents, map support, or cross-wiki templates.
  2. Though our changes are easily noticeable, we are taking an evolutionary approach and want the site to continue feeling familiar to readers and editors. Each feature is discussed, developed, and deployed separately.
  3. Elements of the interface might move around, but all navigational items and other functionality currently available by default will remain.
  4. Skins other than Vector are out of the scope of our adjustments. We have frozen Vector to Legacy Vector, and begun deploying our features as parts of the new default Vector.
  5. We have analysed many wikis and have noticed many useful gadgets. Some of them definitely deserve to be surfaced and be a part of default experience.
  6. Both prior to development and after deployment, we collect data (via A/B testing, prototype feedback rounds, etc.). In the case of significantly negative results, we will roll back our changes.
  7. It is our intention to test our improvements in collaboration with a diverse set of volunteering early adopter wikis, both Wikipedias and sister projects.

Deployment plan and timeline

A fẹ ki awọn ilọsiwaju wa jẹ aiyipada lori gbogbo wiki ni Oṣu Keje 2022.

Proposed timeline of deployment-related events
Engineering Community relations
July 2022 Grid deployment Process conversations,
deployment conversations
Visual refinements
Meetings with communities
August 2022
Deployment conversations Wikimania workshop
Bug fixing Meetings with communities
on all wikis in batches
September 2022

List of early adopter wikis (test wikis) 

First group of wikis (marked as ◇ on the timeline above):

Second group of wikis (marked as ◇◇ on the timeline above):

Third group of wikis (marked as ◇◇◇ on the timeline above):

Fourth group of wikis (marked as ◇◇◇◇ on the timeline above):

Get involved & Contact

Dápọ̀ mọ́ àwọn ìpàdé ayélujára pẹ̀lú wa: títí di ìparí oṣù Keje, a ó máa ṣètò àwọn ìpàdé ní ọ̀sẹ̀ 2-3. Àwọn déètì ìdálẹ́kọ̀ọ́:

  • Promote: Inform your community. Share our updates and blog posts.
  • Report bugs: to report a bug, create a task in Phabricator and add #desktop-improvements project.
  • Early adoption: We are hoping to increase the set of early adopter wikis gradually. Do you think your community might be interested in having our interface as default? Please contact us!
  • Translate: help us translate related pages:
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What features will be added

We have not created a complete, detailed product specification. Each feature is built and implemented separately, over time. Features which have been created are still being adjusted and improved. Our decisions are based on community feedback, user testing, and extracted API data.