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This is the cover page for the archive of TechCom meeting minutes. You can subscribe to the minutes via the TechCom Radar newsletter, or follow the TechCom Radar mails on Wikitech-l.

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2014-02-monthly edit

We held several architecture meetings to review Requests for Comment on IRC, and continued discussion and implementation of work begun at the architecture summit in January. We also worked on improvements to the architecture guidelines and on a draft of performance guidelines for developers.

2014-03-monthly edit

We held four RfC review meetings on IRC:

2014-04-monthly edit

We held several Request for Comment review meetings in IRC:

Also, we worked on improving security, architecture, and performance guidelines for developers. We aim to have MediaWiki performance guidelines ready to approve at the Zürich hackathon in mid-May.

2014-05-monthly edit

Engineers discussed the Performance guidelines at the Zürich Hackathon 2014. They also had IRC discussions of several requests for comment and documents:

2014-06-monthly edit

Developers had several meetings on IRC about architectural issues or Requests for comment:

2014-07-monthly edit

Developers finished the security architecture guidelines, and discussed several requests for comment in online architecture meetings: