Architecture committee/2015-06-24

People present: Daniel, Gabriel, Mark, Tim, S

Minutes from last week: Architecture committee/2015-06-17

Pending action itemsEdit

  • Tim: request Mark Bergsma nominate a deputy to review the priorities & focus

RFCs to triageEdit

Concern that people aren't writing RFCs. Are things happening that ought to be RFCs? e.g. dumps (see below) Should we promote the process?

IRC meeting schedulingEdit

This weekEdit

Next weekEdit

No RFCs currently. Maybe dumps or deployment systems, but not ready yet

Other businessEdit

Content kickoff:

    went well, lots of interest in HTML representation
    video hard to understand
    start of summary from yesterday's discussion:

Talk about dumps... phab:T88728, phab:T93396, phab:T17017,

Wikimedia MediaWiki Core Team/Backlog/Improve dumps

Mark: It's a public discussion, maybe Ariel could write RFC

Governance (phab:T95471): no movement

Talking points for Architecture Focus IRC discussion today?

New action itemsEdit