Architecture committee/2015-08-12

People present: Brion, Robla, S

Minutes from last week: Architecture committee/2015-08-05

Pending action itemsEdit

  • Brion to chat with Terry Gilbey
  • Gabriel to meet with Trevor and others about content, then establish front-end ongoing WG to drive T99088
    • done, "Content WG: Templating, Page Components & editing" meeting

RFCs to triageEdit

See phab:tag/mediawiki-rfcs/

IRC meeting schedulingEdit

This weekEdit


Next weekEdit

  • phab:T107595 Daniel's "RFC: Multi-Content Revisions"
    • we think, spage will follow up

Other businessEdit

Architecture committee future: how to tackle big pieces.

  • 'Evolving our content platform" (phab:T99088 piece of phab:T105845 ) is a test case for this, having actual meetings about doing the work,timeboxed to two months.
    • risk of loudest voices winning the meeting
  • Robla: e-mail to wikitech-l is the record, but we haven't been using it very well
  • Robla: How to make architectural progress with the different factions, roughly: old-school, nouveau technologists, earnest non-profit
  • Brion: cross-team exploratory group can be fruitful; Gabriel: yes, this content platform meeting
  • Robla: from IETF experience, a weekly teleconference to keep the momentum going, but also document publicly, and make decisions on mailing list
  • We'll bear all this in mind in tomorrow's "Content WG: Templating, Page Components & editing" meeting. (Robla can't attend tomorrow or the next meeting)
  • Discuss on mailing list or in Phabricator comments?
    • "Keeping up" via e-mail is a familiar habit, people can be unaware of discussion in Phabricator comments

None of this applies when engineers submit major change in gerrit patch and get another's +2.

  • Is that a problem
  • Robla: lighten the RFC process

New action itemsEdit

  • spage email Tim to confirm RFC office hour next week and point out it's gone from WMF Engineering calendar