Architecture committee/2016-03-02

Summarized notesEdit

  • Other business 21:30 (10 minutes)
    • Code of Conduct/Moderation group
      • ArchCom discussed whether a Moderation group is necessary, and whether the ArchCom should have a role in defining this. RobLa suggested that ArchCom's implicit role in Gerrit +2 access gives it some authority. After the meeting, RobLa updated the Gerrit/+2 page to make the link more explicit.
      • RobLa to shepherd, Matt to continue to drive
      • ACTION ITEM: Daniel to send mail to ArchCom about this
  • Next week's ArchCom agenda 0:40 (10 minutes)
    • How can we increase the throughput of ArchCom?
    • Should we have Rust-style working groups?
  • Detailed notes

Note from RobLa: I'm transitioning to a regime where more of the agenda/notes prep can happen on Per Good meetings#Note taking, it can be really difficult for a thorough note taker to redact something that wasn't intended for the public minutes, and the transcript is probably less useful for everyone than the summary. The summary takes a little post-meeting time to prepare.