Architecture meetings

The Wikimedia Technical Committee meets on a weekly basis to discuss current RFCs and Architecture guidelines

Schedule edit

Wednesdays at 13:00 PST/PDT TechCom Planning Meeting Video call (invitation only)
Wednesdays at 14:00 PST/PDT Public IRC Meeting Public IRC on #wikimedia-office connect

IRC meeting edit

Public IRC meeting (#wikimedia-office) to discuss RFCs.

To request an IRC meeting about your RFC, go to the TechCom-RFC Phabricator workboard and drag the task to the "Request IRC meeting" column. This column is reviewed once a week.

The IRC meetings are publicly logged by wm-bot (log browser, log index) and pasted on the relevant Phabricator task. Logs of IRC meetings from before November 2016 can be found via Architecture meetings/Archive.

NOTE: In the past, meetings were scheduled on a Phabricator calendar. That practice has been discontinued.

Meetings 2015-2016 edit

Meetings before September 2015 edit

Prior to September 2015, minutes/transcripts from RFC and architecture meetings were copied to this wiki, and documented here: