Wikimedia Technical Committee/RFC Review meetings

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The Wikimedia Technical Committee provides a weekly meeting slot for discussing RFCs.

IRC meeting edit

There is a scheduled IRC office hours slot every Wednesday reserved for RFC review meetings.

These are public IRC chat meetings in #wikimedia-office connect to talk with others about an RFC.

To request an IRC meeting about your RFC, submit a comment on the task asking TechCom to schedule an IRC meeting for you. The activity feed is reviewed by TechCom once a week. Alternately, you can contact Daniel or another member directly to schedule a meeting.

The topic of future IRC meetings is typically announced one week beforehand as part of the TechCom Radar.

Past meetings edit

The IRC meetings are publicly logged by wm-bot (log browser, log index) and pasted on the relevant Phabricator task.

Logs of IRC meetings from before November 2016 can be found via Architecture meetings.