Architecture committee/2016-06-01

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)

Meeting summaryEdit

Intro sectionEdit

10 minutes (starting 21:00 UTC)

  • Action items
    • Last week
      • See 2016-05-25 ArchitectureCommittee
      • Phab:T102476 - RFC: Requirements for change propagation
        • Action: Services will follow up
      • ACTION: RobLa to make proposal "Backlog" column
    • ACTION: RobLa to update workboard based on W21 IRC session
  • Last week’s RfC office hour
    • (link to last office hour and other info)

RFC status updateEdit

20 minutes (starting 21:10 UTC)

Spend roughly 20 minutes ensuring Architecture committee/Status is up-to-date. Checklist of the questions we should answer:

  • Who is chairing the upcoming IRC meeting? RobLa
  • Conclude last week's "final comment period"? Do we have anything that should enter "final comment"?
  • CSP consensus meeting:
    • today: problem definition meeting
    • next week: consensus
  • Do we have a robust queue of RFCs to discuss at future IRC discussions?
  • For each upcoming meeting, do we anticipate the RFC moving into "final comment"?
  • How does ArchCom-RfCs board look?
    • Where should anything in the inbox go? nothing in the inbox
  • What is the most important thing each ArchCom member is shepherding? Anything blocked? Are responsibilities balanced well?
    • Brion - it’s been a while.  Multi-content revisions (T107595) is interesting
    • Daniel - interwiki site stuff (T113034?).  Need to check in with Adam.  Would like to talk to Brion about multi-content revisions.  T89733 (approved and implementing) things have shifted
    • Gabriel - most of my time is on other things, not RFCs.  Feed implementation task is underway (not an rfc)
    • Roan - annual reviews eaten him
    • RobLa - security stuff
    • Tim - Should have meeting about T89331 (Tidy)- migration rather than implementation plan
    • Timo - no update this.  Will try to provide an update Section heading anchors RFC (T18691)