Architecture committee/2016-04-20

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)

Agenda timelineEdit

  • Agenda bashing and action item check 21:00 (5 minutes)
  • Last week+this week’s RfC office hour 21:05 (5 minutes)
  • RfC status update 21:10 (10 minutes)
  • Shepherd assignments 21:20 (5 minutes)
  • Queue for future RfC office hours 21:25 (5 minutes)
  • Other business 21:30 (10 minutes)
  • Next week’s ArchCom agenda 21:40 (10 minutes)

Agenda details/Meeting summaryEdit

This section equates to the "meeting summary" section in the meeting note template. It's collaboratively edited during the meeting and serves as the official public notes of the meeting. Attendees: Fill in the important details in this section, but try to keep this concise and NPOV (easy way: use questions).  Put any prep information in this section if appropriate

First part of the meetingEdit

RFC status updateEdit

RfC status update 21:10 (10 minutes). Notes from this section are part of the wikitech-l updates

Today's IRC sessionEdit

Queue for future RfC office hoursEdit

Under discussionEdit

Daniel: Phab:T124752
Let’s turn the “Changes Tags” refactoring proposed by Cenarium into an RFC and get it unstuck. Chain of patches starts at; The patch refers to Phab:T91535 but the topic is broader than that, and the ticket doesn’t fully describe the proposed solution. Needs work.
Tim: shepherding two for Parser. will pick another
Roan: Phab:T108655 still need to split it so discussion can take place on part 2

Other statusEdit

The "RFC inbox" was empty, nothing "Entering Final Comment Period", and we didn't discuss the "no activity" list

Other business/planningEdit

Other business 0:30 (10 minutes)
  • ArchCom chairperson
    • ACTION: Tim will follow up
  • Auditing our data flow
  • ArchCom retrospective (separate meeting: 2016-04-28 20:00 UTC)
    • Reschedule the one on the calendar Next week’s ArchCom agenda 0:40 (10 minutes)
  • ACTION: RobLa: create the new #ArchCom-Approved tag, and put this list of tasks on the agenda for next week