Architecture committee/2015-05-06

People present: Brion, Daniel, Mark, Gabriel, Roan, Tim, S, Kevin Smith
Apologies: Trevor

RFC work board: phab:tag/mediawiki-rfcs/
ArchCom board (process stuff): phab:tag/archcom/
Minutes from last week: Architecture committee/2015-04-29

Pending action itemsEdit

From last week:

  • Go through approved RFCs and make sure they are on someone's board


S will publish sanitized backlog of minutes. still TODO, he cleaned #Architecture tag, Daniel added some ideas

RFCs to triageEdit

(see board)
Nothing in Inbox. ArchCom workboard has some RFCs on it (Daniel will remove tag), but none are new.
Updated phab:T95654 "RFC: Business Layer Architecture on budget" with meetbot conclusion, assigned back to Yurik

IRC meeting schedulingEdit

This weekEdit

  • Re-evaluate varnish-level request-restart behavior on 5xx phab:T97206
  • Request timeouts and retries phab:T97204

Next weekEdit

Other businessEdit

Can we resolve:

  • phab:T340 "Start the process of expanding the arch committee"? A: Yes
  • phab:T590 "RfC: Graph"? -> Brion
  • phab:T488 "Define a process to involve the community triaging and promoting architecture RfCs"? A: OK

Hackathon discussion on future of cte:

  • Gabriel: should we be clear in advance that we are waiting for Rob to be back before we commit to long term plans?
  • Brion: focus on top priorities, content; solicit feedback on structure, but don't make it the main focus
  • Daniel: we could have a discussion about legitimisation and community involvement in the c'tee
  • Could talk about non-WMF users and their needs

GSoC topics

  • Students will be at Lyon
  • Improving documentation: better mid-level documentation, like $IP/docs directory, synchronised with wiki

Committee (phab:T89907):

  • defer *decisions* until Rob, but brainstorm and present ideas / options
  • figure out big questions / goals, think about structure to make that happen
  • Tim: survey about value of architecture committee?

New action itemsEdit