Architecture committee/2015-05-20

People present: Daniel, Gabriel, Mark, S

Minutes from

Pending action items edit

S to bulk-edit tasks in phab:tag/archcom/ that should be in MediaWiki-RfCs and not on this board.

RFCs to triage edit

  • Improving extension management phab:T88596 part II (tardist)

IRC meeting scheduling edit

This week (in Lyon) edit

  • Automatically tag edits that make a redirect, that converts a redirected page to a normal page, moves across namespaces and others phab:T73236

Next week edit

Other business edit

Lyon and ArchCom edit

Board: phab:tag/hackathon-lyon-2015/

  • Governance: phab:T89907 "Discuss and approve a MediaWiki developer community governance model at Lyon hackathon" -- either cancel or restart
  • Priorities: phab:T91744 . ?
  • or Specifically "The future of structured data, article content and storage" phab:T99088 from the big list phab:T96903

Governance phab:T89907 : Daniel: maybe sit down with Damon in a corner about future of ArchCom. Brion hasn't produced governance document.

Mark: Damon's input hasn't changed: He wants a distributed governance model

MVP for governance: Document with responsibilities?
How do we get resources for important architectural work
Gabriel: we don't prioritize RFCs, topics
Maybe devolve responsibility for some of the "basic" RFCs to area owners.
Daniel ... so ArchCom can work on more important architectural RFCs.
Mark: but ArchCom members have no time,Need an actual Architecture team.

Gabriel: "ArchCom are a group of people who care about Architecture, prioritize it, and get some movement on important issues."
E.g. article content and storage.
Mark: But managers meeting worked on that, not ArchCom
Daniel: aside: why do managers decide, not technical domain experts?

Trevor's Mysterious module owners document, it's not Developers/Maintainers but

Gabriel: Devolve work, establish and promote priorities
Daniel: many governance models deal with managing community contributions
Mark: ArchCom doesn't act as gatekeeper, people can submit and +2 without its involvement.
Daniel: consult with ArchCom is optional.
Gabriel: crosscheck module owners against master project list / budget items?
Daniel: expertise more important than ownership
Gabriel: Maybe say on Phabricator project page who is the "owner" or "expert"

So... anything for Lyon? Show spreadsheet?
Decided ... probably not
   - communicate plan re owners in phabricator projects?

- - -
Priorities session at Hackathon?
need enough meat in phab:T96903 for fruitful discussion
Daniel: guidelines as to how to do things in general (defining interfaces, boundaries, accessing business logic from front-end code), and in implementation (Title-Value, etc.)

Decided talk through phab:T96903 at phab:T91744 and have architecture committee members present clusters, look for feedback. Do it later on in the Hackathon (Sunday)

Session focusing on phab:T99088 The future of content: structured data, HTML5, components, storage ? Decided: no, just have conversations about it prior to the Arch. priorities session / present it as part of the priorities

New action items edit

Everyone please decline the meeting in GCal if you're not attending.