Architecture committee/2014-11-05

People present: Brion, Tim, Mark, Daniel, Roan

Pending action itemsEdit

  • brion: flesh out Graph rfc w/ Yuri
  • Tim to write RFC on merging enhanced recentchanges with normal RC
  • Tim to Import all RFCs into phabricator
  • Tim to read RESTBase code
  • Brion to also read RESTBase code

RFCs to triageEdit

RFC schedulingEdit

This week (Nov 5)Edit

  • Content API and Storage service

Next week (Nov 12)Edit

  • Better PHP profiling
  • Ditch crappy API formats

Other businessEdit

  • ZeroPortal Lua rapid development framework
    • Tim has concerns about their direction
    • Mark repeated his concerns about the need for MW integration that he previously expressed, but hasn't seen latest design documents or discussions. Would like to see them.
    • Brion thinks they should be left to do their own thing, since it doesn't impact on others
  • Arch summit

New action itemsEdit

  • Gather topics for Arch Summit
  • Mark to ask Rachel for registration data