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以下程序仅适用于有Growth工具 的维基。


Mentors are experienced users, ready to help new users. They are a key factor in order to onboard and encourage new users to edit the wikis.

Please check our resources about how to interact with newcomers and then introduce yourself as a mentor.

In short
In order to become a mentor, please add your name to the list of mentors that exists at your wiki, if any.
If not already done, you may have to create the list of mentors at your wiki.



新手首頁 被設計來幫助新手在維基百科上踏出第一步。首頁將會隨機將您的名字分配給新手:您將會成為他們的導師。



The mentor list for your wiki is listed on Wikidata. If this page doesn't exist, you have to create it first.

Some wikis may have defined some local rules about the conditions to become a mentor. These conditions are usually displayed on or linked from the mentors list.

Add your username (not a redirect to your username) to the list, using the following syntax:

* [[User:使用者名稱]]|描述

示例: * [[User:Trizek]]|I contribute to many topics, and I will be pleased to help you!

The description's length is 240 characters maximum. If it is longer, the system will cut the description.

Do not add wikitext (no link, no template), HTML and CSS to the description: it will break it.

Do not alter the link to your userpage, by adding anchors, or by changing the target. It will break as well.




  • 「我是來幫助您參觀維基百科的,請隨時發問!」


  • 不要寫「我編輯有關足球的條目。」,新手可能會以為他們不能詢問您足球以外的問題。
  • 應該寫:「我通常對足球相關的主題做出貢獻,但我可以在其他主題上盡我可能地幫助您。」


  • 「我可以幫助您解決編輯維基百科時遇到的問題,我通常貢獻足球相關的主題,您想要貢獻的什麼主題呢?」
  • 「我曾經像您一樣感到困惑,但是向有經驗的使用者詢問將能夠幫助我,請隨時發問任何問題!」




First, you need to check if the Growth tools are deployed at your wiki. If it is not yet the case, please see how to get the features.

Then, you have to find some other mentors to volunteer. We encourage you to start a conversation at the relevant places at your wiki, in order to decide if this mentor list should be created. This is also a good way to recruit mentors.

The Growth mentorship system can replace or complement an existing mentoring system.

If your community agrees on, create a new page. This page can be located anywhere at your wiki. This page must list each mentor name and description, as described in the previous section.

At your wiki, an interface admin has to add the mentor list to the configuration page (Special:EditGrowthConfig). The list goes to the "包含要自动分配给新手的导师列表的页面" field. Don't forget to turn the mentorship feature on.

Based on our observation, we advise to have one mentor for each group of 500 new users your wiki gets per month. For instance, if your wiki has 2,500 new accounts per month, your should have at least 5 mentors. We recommend to have at least 3 mentors.

We recommend to protect the mentor list, so that only experienced users can sign-up. The usual protection is: more than 500 edits made and an at least 90 days-old account. Your community can define some specific rules on who can be a mentor (age of the account, how many edits made, number of edits made on main space, etc.).



Sometimes mentors quits and needs to be replaced, or a mentor can redirect a newcomer to another mentor, more specialized about a given topic. It is then possible for mentors to claim a mentee.


By default, only one list of mentors is available. Every mentor listed on this list have their name being randomly assigned to newcomers. Some wikis asked to have a way for experienced users who host workshops to only claim mentees they know.

It is possible to create a separate list, where people who wish to claim mentees without being assigned to unknown mentees can sign up.

To create this list, create a page using the same syntax as the regular mentors list, link it to the matching Wikidata item. Then edit special:EditGrowthConfig to add the page link in the "包含只能手动分配的导师列表的页面" field. This special page is editable by interface admins.