List of extensions with status "beta"Edit

Status means: Stable but not fully tested.

Number of Extensions here: 502

Name Type MW Version Version / Date Author
ABC tag River Tarnell
Convert ABC music notation to inline PNGs, PS, PDF and MIDI
AJAX Document Viewer 0.1 John Nidelc
AJAX Document Viewer Extension. Embed documents using AJAX document viewer .
ASHighlight 1.9 and up offsite SVN John Pye
Allows source code to be syntax highlighted on wiki pages.
AbcMusic tag 1.6+ 1.0 David A. Tanzer
Rendering of music from ABC notation
Absentee Landlord user activity 1.11.0+ 1.1 Ryan Schmidt and Tim Laqua
Auto-locks the wiki database if the sysops are all inactive for some time
AccessPostgres database, parser function 1.9.3 or later 1.1 Martina Mostert
Connects to a Postgres database and retrieves data with select directly into an article or to write data into the database with insert and update respectively.
AccuWeather Extension skin 1.13.2+ 1.0
Displays Weather Forecast from
Add HTML Meta and Title tag 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x or higher (not tested by author on most recent MW versions - i.e. > 1.12) 0.5 Vladimir Radulovski
This extension allows for easier SEO (search engine optimization) with MediaWiki.
Admin Links special 1.11.* or greater 0.1.2 Yaron Koren <>
Defines a special page, "AdminLinks", meant to serve as a "control panel" for administrators; and adds a link to this page to their "user links"
Age tag 1.13.X 0.7 Mark Daly
Calculate difference between two dates
AgeParse parser 1.13.X 0.1 Mark Daly
Calculate difference between two dates
WhosOnlineAjax tag, user activity 1.11+ 0.9.4
An ajax addition to Extension:Whos online. This allows a more dynamic view into what is happening on a wiki site. It will come with mouseover options which will allow a variety of display and chat options.
Alexa Rank tag 1.6 0.2
Display Alexa page rank graphs or buttons.
AllBooks special, variable 1.11 1.9 Ramac, Pietrodn
Allows listing of all books in a Wikibooks wiki, and creates the {{NUMBEROFBOOKS}} variable.
AlternateRawPage parser function 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
AlternateSyntaxParser 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Provides ability to use alternate syntax engines (such as Markdown and Textile) instead of the standard wikitext parser.
AlternativeUserTalk notify 1.14 – 1.15
Allows to set alternative user talk page with a working "new messages" notice
Amazon-Linker 1.9.3, 1.10.0, and 1.13.3 0.6b Kolomona Myer
Easily create product links by just entering their ASIN or ISBN
AmazonContext 1.6+ 0.2 WikiMusicGuide
This extension will allow you to put Amazon Context Links in your MediaWiki installation.
AmazonOmakase 1.6+ 0.2 WikiMusicGuide
This extension will allow you to put Amazon Omakase Links in your MediaWiki installation.
AmazonPartnerLink 1.6+ 0.1 Roman Lehnert
This extension will allow you to put Amazon Book Links in your MediaWiki.
AmazonPlus tag 1.12+ 0.4.0 Ryan Schmidt
A highly customizable extension to display Amazon information
Ambassador special 1.13.2 1.1.1 DanWojo
Allows wiki ambassadors to access their home wiki
ArrayExtension 1.13+ 1.2.2 Li Ding and Jie Bao
Enhances parser with array functions.
ArticleComments 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.12.x and later 0.4.3 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Inserts blog-like comment forms into articles.
AsteriskDialNumber tag, user identity 0.1 Peter Steinbach
Embeds any number in in an html tag (with current username) so that it can inititate a phone call through an Asterisk PBX
AtomExporter special Tested on 1.12.0 0.1 Manuel Traverso
Export wiki pages into valid Atom 1.0 feed.
Elgg Authentication 1.9 Computermacgyver
Used to authenticate against Elgg.
IMAP Authentication 1.9 Rusty
Used to authenticate against IMAP servers.
Auto-Anchor parser, parser function ≥ 1.11.0 0.7.0 David M. Sledge
Create id attribute values using a similar mechanism that headers use
AutoExtensionLoader extension 0.1 Thomas Candrian
Automatic Extension Loader
Auto Wiki Dump 1.11 0.1 Thomas Lorentsen
Writes a wiki page to a file when it is updated
Automatic REMOTE_USER Authentication 1.9 1.0 Rusty Burchfield, User:Otheus Shelling
Automatically logs users using the REMOTE_USER environment variable
Axiom 0.02 Markus Cozowicz
This extensions allows to use Axiom
Back-and-Forth 1.11.0+ 2008-01-08 Rob Church
Adds a pair of alphabetic paging links to the top of the page on article views
Backup 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
BackwardNavigation 1.6.10+ 1.0.1 Marc Despland
Enables backward navigation
Balloons tag, interface 0.4 Sheldon McKay
Extension to add pop-up balloon tooltips.
Bashfr Random Quotes
Random quotes from
Biblio 1.5, 1.6 0.8.1
Extended markup for formatting of citations, and automated retrieval of citations from external sources.
Bibliography parser 0.1 Thomas Pfeiffer
Bibliography-Management-System. Stores all bibliographic data on a seperate page, and displays only the book, articles, etc. metioned in a text (that can be on different pages).
BizzWiki 1.10, 1.11 user:jldupont
A collection of patches and extensions to a MediaWiki installation that brings better permission management functionality.
BoilerplateSelection 1.7.1, 1.9.3, 1.10 0.3 Dtsig, mrvs
Provide selectable templates for new articles based on article title
Bookmarking tag tested on 1.9.1 0.1 wikipug
Create a social bookmarking strip (currently supports
BreadCrumbs2 1.10 0.9 Eric Hartwell
Breadcrumb navigation based on categories
BreadCrumbs (Kimon) Tested on 1.10 1.0.0 Kimon Andreou
Shows the user's path through the wiki. Based heavily on Manuel Schneider's extension Extension:BreadCrumbs
BrowseImages interface 1.11 0.1 Robert Hänel
Adds links for next and previous image to the content actions menu when viewing a page in the Image namespace.
BuddyPressActivity notify, database 1.13.4 0.2 Boone B. Gorges
In environments where MediaWiki user authentication has been merged with WPMu/BuddyPress signin, this extension adds wiki edits to the BuddyPress activity feeds.
BugzillaMilestone 1.0 Bertrand Gorge
This extension adds a little Milestone dashboard a bit like Trac does, linked to a Bugzilla database.
Bullet Feed Tag, Page Action Tested on 1.9.1 and 1.11.1 1.2b Cory Perry
Allows a minimalistic bullet-style news page thrown into a simple RSS feed.
CASAuthentication user activity 1.13+ 1.1 Ioannis Yessios
Overrides MediaWiki's Authentication and implements Central Authentication Service (CAS) Authentication
CIA Notify interface , notify 1.0 Christopher Sean Morrison
Sends change notifications to the CIA IRC reporting system
MenuSidebar interface 1.14+ 0.4.1 Wolfgang Stöttinger
menu with dropdown in the sidebar
C Style Wiki Includes 1.8.x, 1.9x unknown Daniel Friesen
Allows including HTML, WikiText, or PlainText using an #include tag.
CacheManager page action 1.10.0+ 1.0 Ludovic MOUTON
Disables caching for a page
CategoryCloud tag, parser function 1.7.0 0.4.0 Dylan R. E. Moonfire
Generates a tag cloud from all sub-categories in a given category.
CategoryHits special 1.13+ (may work on earlier versions, but not tested) Dan Rinkes
Returns view statistics based on categories category
CategoryLabel Only tested with r38247. 0.1 Conrad Irwin
Change the labels of sections of categories
CategoryPermissions 1.7.1 through 1.11 0.4 Matthew Vernon
User permissions restrictions based on page categories
CategoryStats special 1.13+ (may work on earlier versions, but not tested) Dan Rinkes
Returns page view statistics in a specific category.
CategorySubscriptions special, database 1.11+ Beta 2 (May 16, 2008) Michael Yatzkanic
Allows users to subscribe to categories and receive daily email updates listing new and updated pages for each category
CategoryTagCloud 1.0.0 María Belén Almazán
A Simple Category Cloud Extension
CgiIrcLogin interface 0.1
Provides a small textbox to login automatically in CGI:IRC
ChangeAuthor special 1.11 1.0 Roan Kattouw
Allows for changing the author of a revision.
changepersonal parser 1.11 0.9 Thomas Lorentsen
This allows personal links to be changed
Character Escapes parser, tag ≥ 1.11.0 0.9.1 David M. Sledge
Convienience tag for escaping tags, templates, magic words, and parser function calls nested in tags and parser functions that support character escaping
Chat tested with 1.9.3 only, known to work on 1.6.8 0.2.1 User:Firebreather
Adds a Chat tab to every article that links to an embedded chatroom by the same name.
Chat 1.9.3 and 1.11.0 0.1 User:Firebreather
Allows use of the syntax <lace></lace> to embed the lace chat client in an article
CheckSpambots 1.16 0.1
Checks editor's IP address, e-mail and name against external known-spambot blacklists.
Checkpoint page action 1.12+ 0.1 Ryan Schmidt
Allows one to save an edit and continue editing
Chinese Tools Tag v1.0 eastwind
Converts Chinese characters (both Simplified and Traditional) to pinyin letters, and also converts Traditional Chinese characters to Simplified Chinese characters.
ChromeMenu 0.1 - 4/25/2009 Eric Fortin
Create pages with "Dropdown Menus"
Cinderella tag tested on 1.11 0.1 Russel Philip
Embeds Cinderella files (cdy) into wiki pages using the cinderella.jar applet
Cindy tag tested with 1.12.0
(may run with older versions)
1.0d R. Großmann
Add Cinderella applet to MediaWiki pages
ClassProcessor 1.11, 1.12 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Click Counter 1.11+ 0.1 EnricoDaga
Add some functions for counting user's clicks on predefined links
CodeReview special, api 1.14a Brion Vibber, Aaron Schulz, Alexandre Emsenhuber and Chad Horohoe
Code review tool with Subversion support
Collection special 1.11 1.0pre
This extension makes it possible to collect a number of pages. Collections can be edited, persisted and optionally retrieved as PDF, ODF or DocBook (XML)
Common Tag tag 0.1 Jamie Taylor
Inserts Common Tag (RDFa) information on page
ConditionalContent 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Configure special, api 1.16alpha for current version
1.7.0 for old versions (see notes)
Allow authorised users to configure the wiki via a web-based interface
ContactPage 1.12 for current, 1.9 for older Duesentrieb
contact form for visitors
ContributionStatistics special 1.14alpha and higher SVN
Displays statistics for contributions made to the WikiMedia Foundation.
Contributors user activity, special 1.8.0+ 1.0.1beta Rob Church
Summarises the most prominent contributors to an article
ContributorsAddon 1.8.0+ 1.0beta Tim Laqua
Creates a JavaScript popup DIV containing output from the Contributors extension - popup is activated when the mouse is moved over the 'Main Contributors' link
Control Structure Functions parser, parser function 1.11.0 ≤ version < 1.12 (might work on earlier versions); See Loops for version 1.12alpha 0.9.3 David M. Sledge
A collection of functions to regulate flow control such as branching instructions and loops.
Coordinate 1.82, 1.10 1.00 user:buzink
Convert geographical coordinates written in decimal degrees format to degrees format using a parser function.
Coppermine tag 0.2(c) Jeremy Laurenson
This extension allows you to insert coppermine gallery pictures into a mediawiki page
Counter parser function 0.1 Rinick
CreateRedirect special 1.11.0 1.0 Marco Zafra
Adds a special page that eases creation of redirects via a simple form.
CrowdAuthentication user identity 1.11.0 River Tarnell
Allow users to authenticate from Atlassian Crowd
Cumulus tag Luc
WP-Cumulus flash tag-cloud port to mediawiki
CurrentPages pfunc, user activity All versions 1.0.4 User:Nad
Adds a parser function to return a bullet list of most viewed pages within the last 24 hours
CurrentUsers pfunc, user activity All versions 1.0.3 User:Nad
Allows a list of currently active users to be embedded into a page using a template
CustomSidebar interface, parser 1.14.0+ 0.3.0 SwiftlyTilting
Easy system for specifying custom sidebars on a per-page basis
CustomTitle parser function tested on 1.11.0 2008-01-30 Wiktor Walc
Modify the default page title and header
CustomUserCreateForm 1.10 0.1 Matthew Vickery
Replace the standard user create form with a custom form.
Tetherless Map 1.10.* or greater 0.1 Jie Bao
Import papers as bibtex from DBLP
DNSlookup parser 0.2
Parser and tag functions to perform DNS lookups on hostnames or IP addresses
Darnedooser tag, Special 1.10.0 1.0.165 Hidalgo Rionda
Randomizes text except first and last character
DataTable tag, parser function, database >=1.13.3 0.5 RV1971
store data in a table and retrieve it on other pages
Data Import Extension special 1.13 1.1 ontoprise GmbH
The Data Import extension is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) and allows calling web services from within a wiki and to import data from virtually any source.
Data Transfer special 1.11.* or greater 0.3.4 Yaron Koren <>
An extension that allows for importing and exporting the contents of a wiki's pages in XML and CSV form, using template calls to define the fields
DatabaseGoogleExtension tag, database 1.9.3 dist-0704201105 Sonologic
A modification of the Google Maps extension that stores map data in a seperate database table and allows creation of surfaces along with points.
Debate parser function, tag, page action ? 0.27 Mark Reginald James
Adds tags that allow a rebuttal for a section of text to be displayed in a column to its right, plus helpers that allow case category and case point hierarchies to be easily created. Requires the CategoryTree and SubPageList3 extensions.
DeezerPlaylist 0.1.2 Beta Bernhard Eisele
Allows to include a Deezerplylist in your Wiki
DeezerSong 0.1 Beta Bernhard Eisele (User:Boerni)
Allows to include a Deezersong in your Wiki
DeleteBatch 1.11+ 1.0 Bartek Łapiński
Deletes a batch of pages
DeletePagePermanently interface 1.13+ 2.1.1 Wolfgang Stöttinger, Ludovic MOUTON
Delete a page permanently from the database
Dia 1.11 EleotleCram
Allows Dia diagrams to be rendered inside MediaWiki pages.
DirectoryManager tested on 1.10 but will probably work with earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
DisallowAccessOnCategory 1.9.0 0.1 User:Mati
Restrict Access to pages based on their category
DocProc tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN user:jldupont
DocumentApproval parser, database 1.11 (but may work in versions 1.9 and above) 0.2 (06/Dec/2007)
Allows a page to be "electronic" approved by some users
Doxywiki interface, special, tag 1.0 THE-EYE
Integrates doxygen into MediaWiki.
Drafts ajax, special 1.14alpha and higher SVN
Adds the ability to save a draft of an article on the server while editing.
DrupalIntegration user activity 1.13.x, 1.14.0 0.0.7 Anton Naumenko
Integrates Drupal while MediaWiki remains sign in master
Dscho's Calendar 1.6+ Johannes E. Schindelin
This adds a special page showing a Calendar
Duplicator special, page action 1.7.0+ 1.1 Rob Church
Special page to create independent copies of pages
DynamicPageList2 1.8.2 0.8.1 Unendlich, Dangerville, Amgine, IlyaHaykinson
Older version of DynamicPageList. Generates dynamic article list using logical operations on categories/namespaces and much more display options.
DynamicSkin 1.10 0.92 Eric Hartwell
This extension allows the skin layout and content to be defined using normal wikitext articles instead of PHP script files, and to be modified dynamically depending on the contents of each page.
EAN parser, tag 1.12, 1.13 (to date only tested versions, it may work with earliers too) 2.1 Markus Szumovski
EAN BarCode Generator, a MediaWiki extension for graphical illustration of Code39, Codabar, EAN-13, EAN-8 and UPC-A barcodes.
EditImage interface, special 0.1
Make bitmap images (i.e., JPGs and PNGs) "editable" through the browser.
EditOnlyYourOwnPage 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Prevents non-sysop users from editing anything other than their own user page, talk page and subpages thereof.
EditOwn hook 1.11 1.0 Roan Kattouw
Unprivileged users can only edit pages they've created themselves
Editpage Multiple Input Textareas >1.8.3, not yet tested on lower versions! 0.5 Boudewijn Vahrmeijer
Multiple inputboxes to be combined as one text
EditPageTrick hook tested with 1.14.0
(may run with older versions)
1.0u B. Roussel
Add a simple random trick when editing a page.
EditSummary special, db 1.13+ r44
Allows sysops (by default) to change the edit summaries of certain edits.
Editheader 1.6.0 and higher Soxred93
Adds a page in the MediaWiki namespace to the top of pages automatically
EmailForm 1.14 (1.7+?) 0.8a Eric Hartwell
Inserts an email form into a page.
EmailToWiki 1.0.0 User:Nad
Allows emails to be sent to and appended to articles in the wiki using pagename@your-wiki-domain
Embed3DWML 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1.0 3D Technologies
This extension will embed 3d objects (*.3ds, *.obj, ...) difined in 3dwml file inside a MediaWiki page.
EmbedImg 1.10.x+ 0.1 Dmitry Shurupov
Allows to embed external images with parameters on a wiki page.
EmbedObject parser function 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
EmbedPDF 1.10.x+ 0.1 Dmitry Shurupov
Allows to embed .pdf documents on a wiki page.
EmbedVideo 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1.2 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Adds a parser function called #ev for embedding video clips from popular video sharing services.
EmbedVideo++ 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.13.x or higher 0.1 Michał Gawroński (Dinth), Piotr Dyduch (orginal author: Jim R. Wilson)
Adds a parser function called #ev for embedding video clips from popular video sharing services.
EmbedVideoPlus 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1.2 Mohammad Derakhshani (Mderakhs) (orginal author: Jim R. Wilson)
Adds a parser function called #evp for embedding video clips from popular video sharing services.
EmbeddedVideo tag, media tested on 1.11 Russel Philip
embeds uploaded videos into pages
EmergencyDeSysop user rights 1.13 or better r43400 SQL
Allows a sysop to sacrifice their own bit, in order to remove the bits of another in an emergency.
EmpressrTag Alex Britez
The EmpressrTag is a MediaWiki extension which enables you to embed Empressr slide show presentations into your wiki.
EnforceStrongPassword 0.2 Ger Apeldoorn
Enforces a strong password.
ErrorHandler interface 1.11.0
Error handler for MediaWiki
Evaluation WikiFlow page action, special ??? 0.3
Evaluation workflow
EventCountdown 1.5 and up 1.0 Matt Curtis
Makes it easy to display upcoming events.
Expandable tables > 1.6.0 1.1.1 User:Nad
Allows expandable/collapsable tables to be created similar to WikiNews
Export entire Namespaces data extraction
Allows exporting entire namespaces in Special:Export
ExtIdx (Extended Index) ajax, skin 1.12, 1.13 (to date only tested versions, it may work with earliers too) 1.02 Markus Szumovski
ExtIdx, a MediaWiki extension that extends the page index with the index of (in the headlines) referred pages.
ExtendedProfile special 1.12 or later (tested, earlier may work) .9 User:Nad, User:phalseid
extend user profile
Extension Installer interface 1.12 r29916 0.4 (2008-01-18) Christian Neubauer
An extension that allows bundled extensions to be included with a MediaWiki distribution and installed via the installer.
ExtensionManager 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 2.0.1 Jean-Lou Dupont
Provides a means of easily installing 'extensions' to MediaWiki.
XSL Renderer tag 2008-09-13 oakblade
Allows custom rendering of articles with extensions. (Like Some_Data.xml)
External Data parser function, special 1.11.* or greater 0.9.1 Yaron Koren, Michael Dale and David Macdonald
Allows for using and displaying values retrieved from either an external or local XML, CSV or JSON file
ExtraNamespaces versions 1.8.x and later 0.92 beta Lisa Ridley
Adds the functionality of allowing Extra Namespaces to be declared in the MediaWiki namespace
EzMwLucene search 1.13 1.0.0 Chris Reigrut, Key Bank / Key Equipment Finance
This project provides a simplified Lucene search to Mediawiki.
Facebook Connect user rights
user identity, parser, tag, special, notify
1.14alpha r90 Garrett Brown
Facebook Connect Mediawiki Integration
FCKeditor extension (Official) page action, extended syntax, user rights, skin, ajax, parser 1.16+ FCKeditor team (Frederico Caldeira Knabben, Wiktor Walc, others)
Jack Phoenix
using the FCKeditor (WYSIWYG editor) for editing wiki pages
FeedImport PhilFry;

Cogdog; Piku; Arcy; Mafs; Rdb78; Duesentrieb; Mutante.

This sample is used to create extension articles.
FileCheck interface for 1.11 and 1.12 only; for 1.13 and above: no more need for extension 1.1 Markus Szumovski
automatically detects duplicate files on upload, prevents the upload of an already existing file
FileLinkCorrection page action 1.10.2+ 0.1.0 (2008-02-28) Johannes Perl
Using file:// links with linktext with MediaWiki+FCKeditor
FileManager interface, extended syntax tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
FileSync 0.0.2 User:Nad
A template which can be added to an article to make it synchronise with a file
FileTree data extraction, special 1.1.14 0.0.1 Guido Palacios
A configurable, AJAX file browser plugin for jQuery.
FlagPage special, page action 0.1.1beta
Adds tab "flag" which provides a simple interface for adding predefined templates to a page
Flash tag
embeds widget to run flash movies
FlashMP3 v0.91 Matthias Korn
Plays mp3-files in an embedded Flash-player
Flashlets All versions 1.0.4 User:Nad
A taghook which allows ActionScript to render as an embedded SWF movie by compiling it with the free open-source MTASC (Archived 2020-10-20 at the Wayback Machine) ActionScript compiler.
FlowPlayerExtension tag 0.2 Avidan Ross
This allows you to embed FLV files through the use of FlowPlayer 2.x
FlowProcessor 1.11, 1.12 1.3.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
FlowchartWiki link, tag, database, page action tested with 1.13.1, 1.14 1.1.1
Flowchartwiki creates flowcharts from the links between wikipages in a category and can be used for process modelling and process documentation.
FlvHandler media 1.13 r3 Adam Nielsen
Flash video image handler
ForeachFunction 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
FormHandler send form by Email 1.5 - 1.12 0.2 David Buchmann
dbu (at)
FormMailer 1.6.x and above 1.0.1 (2007-08-08) User:Nad
Formats and sends posted forms to email recipients.
FormelApplet tag tested with 1.12.0
(may run with older versions)
1.0n R. Großmann
Add FormelApplet to MediaWiki pages
FreeMind >1.4 unknown
Displays FreeMind MindMaps as flash or java applet with full navigation.
FundraiserPortal 1.16+ Trevor Parscal
Adds a "please donate" portal to the top of the sidebar
gchart4mw tag
provide tags for drawing charts the easy way using google chart API.
GeoIP api David Strauss
Provides a basic GeoIP API for other extensions.
getHub tag 1.14 (tested) .01 Adam Meyer
add gethub gists into your articles easily
getParam parser function 0.1
to get variables from the URL parameters
GlobalBlocking special, user identity 1.13-alpha Andrew Garrett
Allows IP addresses to be blocked on multiple wikis.
GnuplotBasic tag 1.13, 1.14, 1.15... 0.9.4
Define Basic Gnuplot script (plus optional plotdata) and render graph image
GoogleCharts parser function 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
GoogleSiteSearch 1.5-current (as of 1.13alpha) 1.2 Ryan Finnie
Replaces built-in MediaWiki search with Google Site Search results
GoogleTranslate Google, Ajax >=1.12 0.999 Per Feldvoss Olsen (credits to Adam Meyer!)
Ajax bar to Google Translate
Google Geocoder parser function 0.2.1
Geocoder extension for MediaWiki that uses Google Geocoder service
Google Maps Extension 1.5 and up See SVN Evan Miller
Easily create maps populated with wiki-fied place markers.
Google News Bar 1.6.8 and up 0.1 csw
Add a Google News Bar to your wiki pages.
Combination of GraphViz and MSCGen extensions
Graphical Category Browser 1.7.x 0.1 Xypron
A graphical browser for categories
Gravatar 1.11 (should work on other versions) 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Provides integration with Gravatar - for globally recognized avatars
GroupManager tested on 1.11 1.0.2 Jean-Lou Dupont
H1 CSS Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla
Parser hook to init <H1> tags at a custom number using CSS 2
Halo Extension interface, page action, search, skin, ajax, database 1.13 1.4.4 ontoprise GmbH
The Halo extension is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) and has been developed in order to facilitate the use of Semantic Wikis for a large community of users.
HasCategory parser function 1.6.0+ 0.10
Ehances parser with ability to find out whether a page is contained within a category with the {{#ifhascat:}} parser function.
HeadScripts 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
HeaderScriptInjector 1.12 (will probably work on earlier versions) 0.1 Evgeny Fadeev
Inject scripts, CSS, load popular JS libraries from Google Ajax API into the HTML header of your wiki
Header Tabs parser function, interface 0.6.6
Extension replaces top-level headers with tabs (using YUI)
HideReferringPage link 1.0 Tony Primerano
Prevent external sites from knowing what pages are linking to them.
HtdigSearch special 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x 1.1-SNAPSHOT (2008-11-24)
ht:/Dig integration
HttpAuth 1.5 and up .7a Jeremiah Orem
Automatically authenticates from Apache HttpAuth credentials.
HttpLink 1.8.2, 1.9.3, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 0.1 Eric Larcher (derivated from a Jean-Lou Dupont's work).
Provides a clickable image link using an external image stored in an external site and an article title (which may or may not existin the database).
IIS REMOTE_USER AD-LDAP 1.10 0.1 Björn Andersen
Login users via REMOTE_USER and gets Attributes from AD LDAP.
IPAuth user identity 1.15 (may work for earlier versions too) Duesentrieb for Wikimedia Deutschland
Automatic login from fixed IPs
IPBAuth Quekky / MZXGiant
IlchAuth 1.1 Janni K.
IlchClan and Ilch-Community Authentication
ImagePageEx 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
ImagePlus page action 1.6 or higher Florian Mayrhuber
User-friendly way to insert images and edit image markup
ImageProtection Hook >= 1.12.0 1.1 Rob
Protects uploaded files in the images directory from direct linking.
ImageTagging special, interface 1.11+ 1.0 Wikia, Inc. (Tristan Harris, Tomasz Klim)
Lets a user select regions of an embedded image and associate an article with that region
Imagetabs 1.10 and higher 1.0 Joe Beaudoin Jr. and Roan Kattouw
An extension that shows interwiki tabs above Image: pages
ImgLink 1.10 1.0 (11 April 2008) Steve Hicks
Allows (small) images to be inlined in links
ImportUsers Extension special, user identity, database 1.12 (see download link for versions below, back to 1.6.8) 0.0.4 RouslanZenetl, YuriyIlkiv
Import users in bulk from a CSV file.
IncludeArticle 0.1 Markus Rückerl (Bomber)
Include articles in an article
IndentSections tested 1.13.x (likely to work with 1.7.x) 0.1 James Paige
Indents all sections according to their headers.
IndexFunction parser function, special 1.14.0+ Alex Zaddach
Parser function to create automatic redirects and disambiguation pages
Infobox Data Capture parser function, database 1.9.3 0.2 sortaSean, eParka
Tags to enable capture of typed data in infoboxes.
Inline SVG Assela
InternalWhitelist MediaWiki versions 1.11 or higher 0.8 beta Lisa Ridley
Provides the capability to maintain a listing of "whitelisted" articles in the MediaWiki namespace
Issue Tracker Tag, Special page 1.9.0 or greater 1.0 Federico Cargnelutti
A simple and powerful bug tracking and issue tracking extension developed to make this process easier for your team.
JIRA parser, tag 1.11.0 2007-10-17.1 River Tarnell
Embed lists of JIRA issues in a wiki page
JSKit tag, mywiki 1.6+ (?) 0.1 Ryan Schmidt
Integrates js-kit tools onto a wiki page
JSKitComments 1.11 (should work on other versions) 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
JSKitNavigator 1.11, 1.12 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
JSKitPoll 1.11 (should work on other versions) 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
JSPWiki2MediaWiki 1.9.0 2007.01 user:Uzi_Cohen - converts JSPWiki format to MediaWiki format.
JSXGraph tag tested with 1.13.4
(runs with older versions)
0.3.1 PeterWilfahrt
Add JSXGraph constructions to MediaWiki pages
Jabber Button 1.5. X 0.0
Render Jabber Button showing users online status
Jira Ticket parser, tag tested on 1.11.1 2008-03-11 David Seymore with RNSolutions
Links a single Jira ticket with status and priority into an article
JsMath tested with 1.11.0 0.9 Tommy Ekola
Math rendering with the javascript library jsMath.
KeepYourHandsToYourself 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.3 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Prevents user from editing other users pages and subpages.
LanguageSelector mywiki, tag, locale 1.11+ (tested up to 1.15alpha) Duesentrieb
language selector on every page, also for visitors; automatic detection of visitor's language
LastLoginTime 1.9+ 1.0 Sanjeev
This extension displays Last Login Time for a user as a personal URL.
LightboxThumbs skin, interface 1.11-1.13 0.1.3
Displays full-size images with Lightbox 2 when clicking on thumbnails.
LilyPond 1.6+ Johannes E. Schindelin
This extension adds the option to typeset music
LinkHint 0.9 (07-27-2007) Nadav Wexler
LinkHint gives you a simple preview of the inner links on a page
LinkOpenID user identity, special ? 2008-11-20 Michael Holzt
Allow users to link their account to an external OpenID
LinkSearch special, search (requires PHP 5) Brion Vibber
Generic search for external links
Link Suggest Search, Ajax 1.10 0.2 Adam Meyer
Ajax Search bar to look for and add links.
LiveFeed tag, skin 1.6.x Should Work with others 0.0.1 Mohan S. Cheema (Mohancheema)
Provides several useful tools including the Live Traffic Feed widget that allows you to see what is happening on your wiki/blog right now.
Livelets pfunc, ajax >1.6.0 0.2.6 User:Nad
Use simple template-syntax to create live portlets that can update automatically when changed.
Lockdown 1.13 recommended, also works with 1.9-1.11, but not 1.12. Duesentrieb
implements per-namespace group permissions
Lockout user rights, user identity, special 1.15 (may work for earlier versions too) Duesentrieb for Wikimedia Deutschland
Prevent blocked users from logging in
LogEntry 1.14alpha and higher SVN
Provides a form for appending to log pages
LoopFunctions 1.7-1.11, 1.12+ 1.0.5 Carl Fürstenberg
provides limited looping functionality in wikitext
lucene-search 1.5+ 2.1.2 (devel)
2.0.2 (stable)
Robert Stojnić
Search engine for MediaWiki
LuceneSearch 1.5 - 1.12 2.0.2 Brion Vibber, Kate Turner
Special page for Mediawiki Lucene-based search engine
MHTML tag, skin, ajax 1.11+ 0.4 Joel Peshkin
Displays MHTML content in an IFRAME
MagicNoCache page action Tested on 1.10 1.0.0 Kimon Andreou
Disables caching for a page
Mahalo ParserFunctions 1.9.x+ 0.1 dev team
A collection of useful MediaWiki parser functions
MailDigest 1.0
Mail a watch list once a day (or any other interval)
MailNotification 1.7.2 0.1 Ramin Dalkouhi
A small extension to send mails to registered users via a cronjob.
Maintenance special 1.13+ 1.0.3 Ryan Schmidt
Web interface for various maintenance scripts
MaintenanceShell special Tested on 1.14. and 1.13, should work with lower versions as well 0.2.2 SwiftlyTilting
Provides access to the maintenance scripts via a special page.
Makepatrol special, user rights >=1.9.0 Stig Meireles Johansen
Adds a special page which allows sysops to grant and revoke patrol and autopatrol rights from user accounts.
ManageCategories page action 1.5 or higher Florian Mayrhuber
User-friendly way to add and remove categorization tags.
ManageNamespaces 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
MantisIntegration Works with MediaWiki 1.13.2 0.3 Alexander Botero-Lowry <alex (at) foxybanana (dot) com>, Kevin Schulze
Pretty links to the Mantis bug tracking system with a summary line
Maps 1.9.* or higher 0.3.4 Jeroen De Dauw, Yaron Koren, Robert Buzink, Matt Williamson and Sergey Chernyshev
Allows users to display coordinate data using multiple mapping services.
MarkdownSyntax 1.10.0 0.2 Simon Dorfman
Adds support for markdown syntax.
MassDelete only tested on 1.12 and 1.13 1.0 Eric Larcher
This extension can be use to delete a set of pages in one pass from a Web browser (in the manner of Special:Import).
MassEditRegex page action, special 1.14 r4 Adam Nielsen
Use regular expressions to edit multiple pages at once
MathFunctions parser function >= 1.11.0 0.6
Enhances parser with mathematical functions
Adds a collection of Special Pages and a Custom Skin which together provide a nicely-integrated web-portal to an external "Metrology & Configuration Control" database.
MediaFunctions 1.11alpha 1.1 Rob Church
Provides various parser functions to obtain properties of media files
MediaList tag tested with 1.11 1.0.1 Mick Schmidt
Displays a list of all files used by the current article
MediaWiki Bulletin Board Ridwan Al Iqbal
MWBB is MediaWiki Bulletin Board, a message board or forum extension for MediaWiki.
MediawikiPlayer tag 0.1.0 Swiftlytilting
Embeds a media player into a wiki page
MetaKeywordsTag 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Extension tag for adding <meta> keywords to the document header.
MoodleGlossary Tested with 1.6,1.9.3,1.10.2,1.11.0 1.1 Jack Eapen based on code by Benjamin Kahn
Display description of a Moodle Glossary word on mouseover, if that word appears in a wiki article.
MoodleSSO v1.9 Luke Hudson
Integrate Mediawiki transparently with Moodle.

Page Action

1.14.0/PHP 5.2.8/PG 8.1, 0.0.2 PeterMG
Moves or deletes a page and all its subpages. The functions work simultaneously in all Namespaces.
MultiReplace parser function 1.6.0+ 0.1
Enhances parser with ability to perform multiple regex and/or plain string replace function on given string
MultiUpload 1.14+ 1.02 Travis Derouin
Allows users to upload more than 1 file at time.
Multilang tag, locale ??? 0.11 Daniel Arnold
A multilanguage extension
My list 0.1
Used as a memory list.
NamespaceManager tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
NamespaceProtection MediaWiki versions prior to 1.10.x (0tested on version 1.6.10) 0.9 beta Lisa Ridley
Provides namespace protection capabilities built into version 1.10 for prior versions
NavContent parser function, variable, ajax tested with 1.11.0 0.9.5 Tommy Ekola
Navigation tool to toggle showing of content
Navigation Path 0.1 KOSELLEK Franck
Used as a memory list.
NewUserEmailNotification 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
News 1.9-1.11, 1.13 and later, not 1.12 Duesentrieb
The News extension allows a custom excerpt recentchanges to be included on a wiki page, or to be published as an RSS or Atom feed.
News 1.15 Erich
The News extension allows to show the latest articles of a specific category, default is News.
newsBulletins parser, tag 1.5.x 1.0 ruggerit (ruggerit)
Adds a news/bulletins block to any page.
NoAnonymous User rights Charles de Beauchesne
NoBogusUserpages user rights 1.6 to 1.11, 1.12a(>=r26568) (See warning) 1.0
Allows for restriction of creation of bogus userpages to privileged users only.
NoTitle tested on 1.9.3 and 1.15.1 (using latest 1.13 Updated code) but probably works for others 1.01 Carlo Cabanilla
Adds a magic word that lets you hide the main title heading
Notified User notify 1.0 Source attached to article Christian Klugesherz
Gives the possibility to see the users notified to an article
NotifyCategoryTalkOnEdit notify tested on MediaWiki 1.11.0, probably works on other versions 0.9 Justin Gregory
Makes a note on a category's talk page when a user modifies or creates a page in that category. The result is that users watching the category will then be notified (by the usual means).
Nuke special, page action 1.11+ Brion Vibber
Gives sysops the ability to mass delete pages.
Ohloh 1.11 (should work on other versions) 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Ommswiki parser function
OnlineStatus variable, parser function
  • 1.16 alpha for the current version
  • 1.11.0 for older versions
add a preference to show if the user is currently present or not on the wiki
OpenDocument Export PediaPress
Converts MediaWiki markup to OpenDocument Text format (.odt)
OpenLibrary 1.6+ 1.0 David T. Strauss
OpenSearchXml search, api Brion Vibber
OpenSearch XML interface provides for text extracts
Oversight 2 special, db Brion VIBBER and Shaiaqua
Adds a user class that allows hiding and unhiding revisions
PDFThumbnails 1.15.1 1.5 bile
Handles PDF files like multipage DJVU
PDF Writer PediaPress
Generates PDF from single articles or collections
PJIRC 1.10,1.12,1.13,1.14 (tested) 1.7+ (supposed) 0.9.1 Jamasi
Adds an PJIRC Applet to your wiki
PageBy >=1.9 Duesentrieb
shows contributors inline on a wiki page
PageEval parser function >= 1.8 1.3d Linus Sundqvist
Load a wiki page into another.
PageFunctions 1.10, 1.11 1.2.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
PageMetaData 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
PageNotice 1.10 (1.9 probably, maybe older versions too) Duesentrieb
lets you define a fixed header or footer message for each page or namespace
PageSecurity tag, user rights 1.8, 1.9 1.1.4 Fernando Correia
Restricts access to pages according to security definitions.
PageServer 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 @see SVN / tags Jean-Lou Dupont
PageTrail parser function tested on 1.11 1.0.5 Jean-Lou Dupont
PageVariableExtension pfunc 1.12+ Rob Challen
Allows for a variable to be assigned on a page and the html to be reused on another page
Page Object Model (POM) data extraction, api 0.1.3
A set of classes to be used by bots or other extensions for MediaWiki page manipulation in the manner similar to HTML's DOM
PagesfromTemplate only tested on 1.12 and 1.13 1.0 Eric Larcher
Create a set of pages by splitting a template (or a normal wiki article) with parameters passing. Operates only for users who have the right to import pages from a file (importupload). The template must be edit protected.
ParserFunctionsHelper parser function 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
ParserTools 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
PatchOutput >=1.10.0 0.2
patch MediaWiki output before displaying
PathFunctions 1.7+ 0.99.0 Carl Fürstenberg
A reimplementation of the builtin variables PAGENAME etc. with the ability to specify what page to evaluate on.
Patroller special, user activity 1.11.0 1.0rc2 Rob Church
Enhanced recent changes patrol interface with workload sharing
Pdf Export Dompdf 1.12+ Andreas Hagmann (AhTalk)

Craig Oakes (DumpydoobyTalk)

Converts current page to PDF and sends to browser, using dompdf (a html to pdf converter written in php5)
PerlDoc tag 1.6 0.1
Display perl documentation for an extension installed on your system.
PermissionACL user rights Jan Vavříček
implements per-{namespace, page, category, user, group} access permissions
PermissionFunctions 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Permissions data extraction, user rights, special Marc Meurrens
PersistUseskin parser 1.13.3 0.0.1 (2008-Dec-28) User:Smd
Persists use of &useskin=, if found in query string
PhpHighlight tag
Adds a new tag <php> to highlight PHP code with the internal PHP syntax highlighter
Pipe Escape parser function ≥ 1.12 0.1.1 David M. Sledge (talk)
Escape pipe characters in parser function arguments/template arguments.
Piwik Integration User activity 1.14+ (trunk)

1.11+ (1.13.x snapshot)

1.5-piwik0.4.2 Isb1009
Inserts Piwik script into MediaWiki pages for tracking and adds a Special Page.

Based on Google Analytics Integration by Tim Laqua.

PlainHtml Extensions support required 0.1 Adiblol
Sends text directly to user's internet browser.
Ploticus parser, tag 1.11.0 1.0 Flavien Scheurer
Ploticus extension for just-in-time graph generation
Plotters 1.14+ (possibly others - untested) 0.6b Ryan Lane
Allows users to create client side graphs (like pie, bar, etc), and do generic canvas drawing from data using admin created javascript.
Presentation interface 0.4 (10/2009) User:Kenyu73
Add presentation type slides to your wiki
Progress parser function 1.6.0 0.8.0 Shizheng Ding
Easy way to see the progress of several tasks.
ProtectSource Hook 1.12+ (check) 0.1 (2009-08-12) Lisa Ridley, Subfader
This Extension blocks access to the source of protected pages for non-privileged users.
ProtectText user rights, tag 1.11.0 (tested) unknown Loosely based on ProtectSection by ThomasV; modified by John Erling Blad
Block editing of marked text, but still allow a sole contributor to work on the full text
ProtectedNotice Tested on 1.14 0.2 Yedidia Klein
Allow you to show a notice on protected page
ProxyPage interface 1.13.x
Pubmed tag 1.1b Andreas Bohne-Lang
Fetches literature data from PubMed ( by SOAP API and includes them into a Wiki page.
PurgeParentPage page action 0.1
Purges parent page's cache on sub-page insert or delete
PurpleWiki2MediaWiki 1.14.0 or above 1.0 Tejas Parikh
This extension helps move all the wiki pages and user info from PurpleWiki to MediaWiki
Purple MediaWiki hook 1.13.2 0.9.0 Tejas Parikh, Viral Gupta, Peter Yim, Jonathan Cheyer, Kenneth Baclawski
Purple MediaWiki allows users to add Purple Numbers to their MediaWiki installation.
QPoll parser function, tag, special, database 1.14, 1.15 0.5.1 Dmitriy <>
Allows to create chains of multipage polls and to provide the statistics at the custom special page
QuestyCaptcha 1.6+ (in theory) Emufarmers
Adds a question-based CAPTCHA.
Quimble 1.11 (should work on other versions) 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
R 1.5.5 - 1.15.1 0.06 Sigbert Klinke
Allows to integrate R output (raw, html and graphics) to mediawiki pages
RDF Editor Tested on 1.13.3 1.0 Pierre Lindenbaum
Edit, validate (syntax and schema) and submit a XML/RDF document.
RDFa 1.9.* or greater 0.0.1 Jin Guang Zheng and Jie Bao
Outputs semantic data of Mediawiki in the RDFa format.
GISWiki/RSS Cogdog;

Piku; Arcy; Mafs; Rdb78; Duesentrieb; Mutante.

Transcludes RSS feed items into a wiki page.
RSS Reader various 0.2.5 Artem Kaznatcheev
provides an <rss> tag to display one or more rss feeds inside an article
RSS feeds for recent changes 1.11 Sushant Mehta
The extension allows you to get the RSS feeds for the recent changes made in the wiki.
RadioRefRemoteRender parser 0.1
Inserts javascript to make the RadioReference remote render work.
RandomText 1.6.5 and higher 0.2 Martin Rohrbach
Inserting random text in a page
RandomPages tag 1.11.0+ 0.2 Aurelian Oancea
Adds <randompages /> tag
RawFile parser function, page action 1.11-1.13 (probably ok from 1.8) 0.2 Philippe Teuwen
Downloads a RAW copy of <tag>data</tag> parts in a file
RawMsg 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Adds a parser function called #rawmsg for inserting raw HTML fragments into wiki pages.
ReaderFeedback interface, special, database 1.15 Aaron Schulz
Lets users and visitors rate the pages they read.
Redircite 1.11 1.0 Joe Beaudoin Jr. Roan Kattouw
An extension that allows for abbreviated inline citations
refbase tested with 1.10 0.9.0 Richard Karnesky
Formats references from a refbase installation using citation templates
referenceselector page action, special 1.11, possible lower 0.2
Adds a button to the edit page for finding mediafiles to "attach" or insert a reference ([[Image:]]) to at the cursor position.
RegexNamespaceContext tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
RegexParserFunctions 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Adds a {{#regex}} parser function for evaluating regular expressions.
RegistryManager 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
removeSubpagestr 1.10 0.1 Matthew Vickery
Remove links from certain subpages back to their root page.
Replace Text special 1.13.* or greater 0.7.1 Yaron Koren <> and Niklas Laxström
Provides a form to let administrators do string replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and page titles.
RestrictiveRights user rights 1.12.0 0.1 Jim Hu
Any user permission set to false is dominant.
ReturnToUserPage 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Sends users directly to their own user page after login or account creation.
RomanNumbers parser, parser function ≥ 1.8.0 1.1 Massimiliano Salvemini
Convert a roman number to an arabic one or vice versa.
RssExport Tested on 1.9.0 1.4 Nikolai Gishkevich (black zorro)
This extension enables you to add rss export from your mediawiki site
reStructuredText to HTML 1.5 and up 0.1b Paul Kippes
Use reStructuredText in MediaWiki pages
SMW_InlineQueryParserFunction 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Adds a parser function called {{#ask}} which is the logical equivalent to Semantic MediaWiki's inline query extension tag called <ask>
SQL2Wiki Works with 1.6.8, 1.9.2 0.3 Patrick Müller
Add dynamic content to your wiki by using SQL-Select statements (MySQL only).
STGSMassMailer special, notify 0.3.5 Martin Dale Lyness, Paul Grinberg
Adds a special page to the wiki for mass-emailing
SVNRepository media, link 1.11 or greater 0.1 Andreas Wombacher
SVNRepository is an extension supporting the usage of Mediawiki in a development project context. It supports to upload files in a SVN and to reference the SVN entries - in all revisions - within the wiki. A positive side effect is also that there are no limitations anymore with uploading large files.
ScriptingTools parser function, extended syntax tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN user:jldupont
ScriptsManager tested on 1.82 1.00 user:jldupont
This extension enables a user to edit scripts (e.g. Javascript, CSS) in the NS_SCRIPTS namespace and commit those to the filesystem.
SearchBox 1.8 and higher SVN
Allow inclusion of search forms
SearchLog special, user activity 1.8.0+ 1.0.8 User:Nad
Logs usage of the search box and allows reporting of keyword totals during given time periods
Search Suggest Search, Ajax 1.10 0.2 Adam Meyer
Very lightweight (under 5k) search suggestion using MediaWiki's built-in ajax.
SectionLinkToTop tag Tested on 1.15.1 1.0 Coban Holmes
Allows you to add a link next to the edit section link to return to the top of a page.
Secured HTML tag
Gives allowed users the ability to add raw HTML to pages.
Secured PHP tag
Gives allowed users the ability to add PHP code to pages.
Selenium tag, special 1.12.0+ 0.8.4 User:Zven
Provide a selenium tag and special page interface to selenium-core
SemanticHistory 1.15 0.1 Jie Bao and Li Ding
Render revision history of the Wiki in semantic forms.
Semantic Calendar parser function 1.11.* or greater 0.2.9 Yaron Koren <>
An extension, based around Semantic MediaWiki, that displays calendars that hold event data using semantic date properties.
Semantic Compound Queries parser function 1.11.* or greater 0.2.2 Yaron Koren <>
Defines a parser function, #compound_query, that can make multiple Semantic MediaWiki queries at the same time
Semantic Drilldown special 1.8.* or greater 0.6 Yaron Koren <>, David Loomer
An extension, based around Semantic MediaWiki, that provides a page for drilling down into the category-based and semantic data of a site, using easily-created filters.
Semantic Forms Inputs interface, tested with 1.15 0.1.1 Stephan Gambke
Additional input types for Semantic Forms
Semantic Gallery 1.9.* or greater 0.3.1 Rowan Rodrik van der Molen
Adds a 'gallery' ouput format to Semantic MediaWiki's inline queries.
Semantic Google Maps 1.9.* or greater 0.6.3 Robert Buzink and Yaron Koren
Allows users to edit and display semantic coordinate data using Google Maps.
Semantic Graphs parser function 1.13 or greater 0.8.5 Rob Challen
An extension which depends on Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms, that generates graphs and trees based on semantic and non semantic wiki structures
Semantic Internal Objects parser function 1.11.* or greater 0.1 Yaron Koren <>
Defines a parser function, #set_internal, that is used to define "internal objects" or "n-ary relations" within Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Maps 1.9.* or greater 0.3.4 Jeroen De Dauw, Yaron Koren, Robert Buzink and Matt Williamson
Allows users to edit and display semantic coordinate data using multiple mapping services.
Semantic Result Formats 1.11.0 or greater (tested up to 1.14alpha) 1.4.5 Frank Dengler, Steren Giannini, Fabian Howahl, Yaron Koren, Markus Krötzsch, David Loomer, Joel Natividad, Denny Vrandecic, Nathan Yergler
Adds further formats to render inline query results.
Semantic Tasks notify 1.1 (17/04/2009) Steren Giannini
Semantic Tasks is an extension to Semantic MediaWiki, to provide email task notifications and reminders.
Send2Wiki Send2Wiki 0.9.0 Joel Duffin
Allows users to send web pages to a wiki via a bookmarklet.
ShareThis tag, skin 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Provides links to popular social bookmarking and news sources.
SharedUserRights user rights, special ? 0.10 Charles Melbye
Easy interface to manage Shared UserRights on a wiki family/farm.
ShoutBox 1.6.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Adds a parser function called #shoutbox for embedding shoutbox into pages.
ShowRealUsernames special 1.13.0 1.0 Paul Lustgarten
Extend Special:ListUsers to also show each user's real name.
ShowRedirectPageText 1.10 but probably works < 1.10 user:jldupont
silverlight tag
This extension allows the display of silverlight content within a wiki.
SimpleFeed 1.8+ 1.0 Jonny Lamb
Outputs an RSS feed in a way the user specifies, in the wiki.
SimpleScript parser function 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Simple Forms parser function, page action, ajax 1.6.0 - 1.11.0 (for 1.12.0 and above, use patched version) 0.4.13 User:Nad and Alessandra Bilardi
A set of simple mechanisms for making and processing forms
SiteWideMessages Maciej Błaszkowski
Sends a message to all users in a certain group
SkinByURL interface, skin 1.10.4 0.3
Force use of a particular skin based on the URL used to access the wiki
SkinPerNamespace 1.13.0 2009-04-25
allows a per-namespace skin
SkinTools 1.10, 1.11 1.1.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
SlideShare parser function 0.1
Parser function for embedding SlideShare presentations
Slideshow from Gallery 2.0 Renmiri
This extension generates wiki markup for a slideshow, ready to be imported by Special:Import
SlimboxThumbs skin, interface 1.11-1.15.1 0.0.5
Displays full-size images with Slimbox 2 when clicking on thumbnails.
SlippyMap Harry Wood, Jens Frank, Grant Slater, Raymond Spekking, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Christian Becker, Aude and others
Easily embed OpenStreetMap maps, with marker support.
SmartyAdaptor 1.11, 1.12 2.1.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Provides integration with Smarty Template Engine by providing a hook to other extensions.
Smarty Adaptor tested on 1.8.2 1.00 user:jldupont
SocialRewarding parser, hook, special 1.6 or higher 0.9.1 Bernhard Hoisl
In an online community social rewarding is in the majority of cases based on accentuation of the most active members. Therefore, this social rewarding extension accentuates most productive authors of a wiki by applying different developed techniques.
SourcesCatalogHiglighter Tested on 1.10.0 1.1 Nikolai Gishkevich (black zorro)
This extension enables you to add on your pages clickable catalog of sources with highlight
SpecialCalendar 1.9.0 2007.01 user:sbrunner
Easily create a calendar of iCal format in MediaWiki.
SpecialDeleteOldRevisions 1.6, 1.9 1.3 Marc Noirot, Gunter Schmidt
Will permanently delete old revisions of all or specified articles. (You cannot specify articles prior to 1.7)
SpecialForm special, database 1.9.0 2007-06-22 sbrunner
Creates a register form that will insert elements into the database and send it by e-mail.
Mergeable Changes interface, special 1.11.0 - current 1.0 Courtney Christensen
Show new, updated, or deleted articles and uploads since a given date.
SpecialPagesChangeLocation tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
Special Pages Manager framework tested on 1.10 See SVN user:jldupont
Special:WantedImages works with 1.11 and above 0.3 user:Ozz
Adds a special page to list the most wanted images.
Special:Wantedtemplates just tested with 1.11 0.9a Eric Larcher
Adds a special page to list the most wanted templates.
SphinxSearch search, special, hook 1.9+ v0.6.1 Paul Grinberg, Svemir Brkic
Replaces built-in MediaWiki search with Sphinx
Stage6 tag 1.10.0+ 0.2 Eduardo Aguilar
Provides tag for embedding Stage6 videos
StockCharts 1.9.3+ 0.1 Brendan Meutzner, Anton Zolotkov, Roger Fong
Allows users to include interactive financial charts within an article. Charts cover stocks prices, but also economic data such as the Consumer Price Index and interest rates. Charts are flash-powered and users can pan and zoom without a page refresh. Data is provided by Thomson / Reuters and Xignite, with a 15-20 minute delay.
StringFunctionsEscaped parser function Tested with 1.14,1.15,1.16A, Should work with all 1.0.0
Defines a superset of string parser functions that allow character escaping in the 'search for' and 'replace with' arguments.
StructuredInput 1.7.1 1.0 Carlo Cabanilla
Creates a framework to build forms within Mediawiki that get converted into wiki text.
StyleTags tag 1.10 0.1 Neil Richards
Use style tags within mediawiki
SubPages parser function 1.14 0.0.3 Peter Gostelow
Automatically creates subpage links in parent page.
Swekey hook, user identity 1.13
Add support for swekey hardware authentication
SyntaxHighlight_vim tag 1.6 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
Syntax highlighting of text within <syntax> tags, with the use of vim
SysSidebar skin 1.15.0 (version checked, may work with older versions) 1.2
Makes "Recent changes" on the sidebar link to unpatrolled edits, for sysops
SysopDisableSiteCounters 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
TSPoll tag Tested with 1.14.0
Include the TS-Poll-Skript into Mediawiki as a Html-Tag
TagCorrection 1.10.1+ 0.1.2 (2008-11-25) Johannes Perl
beeing able to use tags like <source>, <rss> with MediaWiki+FCKeditor
TagToTemplate 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Taxonomy parser function, tag, database 1.15 0.9 Eko Mursito Budi
Provides hierarchical taxonomy for article management
The TEX Box 1.9.0 tex editor (0.4) 2007
a tex editor for mathematical formulae
TemplateLink tested on 1.11 1.1 Magnus Manske
Create links to a special page that will transclude a parameterized template.
Testopia Reports parser, parser function 1.13,1.14,1.15 0.4
Provides reports and charts for Testopia
Tetherless Map 1.9.* or greater 0.1.1 Jin Guang Zheng and Rui Huang and Jie Bao and Li Ding
Allows users to generate maps based on query results from Semantic Mediawiki.
TimeOffset tested on 1.10 1.0
Takes an offset, an optional start time and returns the resulting timestamp.
TimelineTable tag Thibault Marin
Generate a timeline contained in html table from a list of events
TitleAlias mywiki >=1.10.1 0.1 surfchen at gmail dot com
define a different html title for item instead of that from $_GET['title']
Todo Tasks parser function, special, database v0.9.6 Paul Grinberg
Create/maintain todo tasks, notify users to whom the task is assigned, display tasks by projects
ToggleDisplay tag, page action >=1.10.0 0.121 RV1971
show and hide regions on a page with a javascript click
Tooltip v0.5.2 Paul Grinberg
Add fancy tooltips to wiki text
Top Ten Pages tag, user activity 1.7+, earlier may work 0.2 Sascha
Shows most viewed Pages
Top Ten Template tag, user activity, page action 1.7+, earlier may work 0.1 Greg Doermann and Sascha
Shows most viewed Pages that include a template
TracWiki2MediaWiki 1.9.0 2007.01 user:Uzi_Cohen - converts TracWiki format to MediaWiki format.
Transliterator parser function only tested with 1.16+ 1.1.0 Conrad.Irwin
Allows transliteration of words in entries based on rules in MediaWiki space.
Twitter4wiki 0.1 Thomas Pfeiffer
Takes tweed from an twitter account and provides them on a wiki page
UML 0.4 Bryan_a
Renders a UML model from text using MetaUML
UnihanTag 1.6.x or higher 1.0.0 Kenny Root (kRutOn)
Extension tag for adding data about Chinese characters.
Unmerged Recent Changes special 1.13.2 1.0 Kilian Evang
A variant of Special:Recentchanges where the feeds do not merge adjacent edits by the same user.
UsabilityInitiative 1.16+ Trevor Parscal, Roan Kattouw
Features developed by the Wikipedia Usability Initiative to enhance the usability of MediaWiki
UsenetSyntax 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.2 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Allows simple Usenet highlighting such as *bold*, /italic/ and _underline_.
UserAccountManager 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
UserExport special, data extraction 1.14+ 1.0
Export Mediawiki user name and email to a CSV file
UserLoginLog All versions (only tested on 1.10) - doesn't work on 1.7.1 as is, see discussion for patch 1.0.0 User:Nad
Creates a new MediaWiki log for user logins and logout events
UserPageStyles 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x or higher 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Allows users to create stylesheets for use on their userpages and subpages.
UserPageViewTracker page action, special, database Tested on 1.10 Kimon Andreou
Tracks user page hits
UserRightsList special, user rights 1.12.0; doesn't work on earlier versions 0.52 JimHu
Manage user rights using a user list instead of one at a time.
UserSnoop page action, special, database Tested on 1.10 1.0.0 Kimon Andreou
Tracks user page hits and snoops on users
UserTools 1.10, 1.11 1.1.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
VPIPPlugin 1.10.x or higher 1.0 Yeraze
Adds a parser tag called <video> for embedding video clips with the VPIP Player
ValidUserEdit tag, hook 1.6 0.5 Jörg-Sascha Heil
Persistent Variables in Data Base parser, parser function 1.14 (probably previous versions too) 0.5
Enables the creation of persistent variables which are stored in the Database
VideoWiki Extension special, ajax Kaltura
Enables to add videos to any wiki page, and edit them
VirtualPage tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
vizExpress 0.1 Samar Sabie
A wizard for generating tables and graphs
Vuzit Tested on 1.12.0 0.4 Evan Sultanik
Embed documents using Vuzit's AJAX-based document viewer.
WatchEmailOptional interface, notify 1.13 0.1
Enable users to configure watched-article email notification on a per-article basis.
WatchRight 1.10, 1.11 1.0.0 Jean-Lou Dupont
Wgraph 1.7 and later 0.82 Algorithmix
Generate complex graphs from a semantic textual description of objects and their relations. Allows nested subgraphs, supports png and svg. Analyse contents of a wiki and generate connectivity graphs.
WhiteList user rights, special, notify, database 1.6.0+ v0.11.2 Paul Grinberg, Mike Sullivan
Allows restrictive access to certain Mediawiki pages with a robust whitelist option.
Whitelist Namespaces user rights tested on 1.11.0rc1, and 1.13.2 0.1-1
Whitelists an entire namespace as readable
Who Is Watching special, database 1.9.3+ (and probably much earlier) v0.9 Paul Grinberg, Siebrand Mazeland
Find out who is watching a particular page, and add others to watchlist for that page
WhoIsWatchingTabbed user activity, page action, special 1.11.1 1.3.1 Jack Bredberg and Danila Ulyanov
Creates a tab to see who is watching a particular page. Or what pages a user is watching.
Wiki2LaTeX tag, interface, data extraction 1.11 and newer 0.9.2 and 0.10 RC Hans-Georg Kluge
Exports Mediawiki-articles to LaTeX and PDF
WikiArticleFeeds tag 1.6.x and higher 0.6.4 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Makes RSS/Atom feeds out of wiki articles.
WikiCategoryTagCloud 1.0.1 Daniel Friesen
Greatly improved fork of Extension:YetAnotherTagCloud
WikiPagesTag .01 alpha Rajinder Uppal
Allows to have a list enclosed in <WikiPages> </WikiPages> tag that auto links to internal links weather or not is exists.
WikiPlot 1.10, 1.5.x (Should with anything) 1.0.0
Plotting mathematical expressions to images, using php.
WikiScript 2.0 Siddique Hameed, Peter Tandler
WikiScript allows you to embed a external javascripts src using <script src="..." type="text/javascript"></script> tags, to embed various kinds of inline scripts like Google Gadgets, Google Analytics etc.

Please make sure that the external script you include is something you trust. Use this extension at your own risk.

WikiSkin skin, variable 1.6.0 - 1.11.0 0.1.12 Nad
Using normal wikitext articles to define skin content and layout.
WikiTimeLine parser, hook 1.5 or higher 1.0 Markus Szumovski
Graphical illustration of historic events
WikiVX special, skin, search, tag, parser function, page action v1.11 WikiVX Blue
This collection of extension is released as Mediawiki distribution, which can be run directly on a harddisk/USB stick.
Wikilog parser function, special 1.14+ 0.8.1 Juliano F. Ravasi
Adds blogging features to MediaWiki, through a special namespace, making it a wiki-blog hybrid, like a Bliki.
WikimediaIncubator special, variable trunk 2.0.0
Adds functions meant for Wikimedia Incubator
WiktionaryLang Hippietrail
designed to add language awareness to the English Wiktionary.
Woogle4MediaWiki - Social search for MediaWiki search, user activity, ajax, special, database 1.11+ 1.0-RC1 ($Rev: 3345 $))
Woogle4MediaWiki introduces Social search within your Wiki - i.e. let's you collaboratively describe, discuss and rank queries and results. Woogle4MediaWiki replaces MediaWiki's build in search. There is a native PHP implementation for searching the Wiki only (WoogleNative) and an implementation for searching various source via an Integrated Search backend from within your MediaWiki (WoogleRemote).
Woopra 1.12 Shane
Allows for the Woopra Live Tracking Software to work for your MediaWiki installation
Workflow pfunc >1.6.0 1.0.4 User:Nad
Allows dynamic content areas called tags which can be switched between pre-selected states by clicking. The states can contain normal content such as images and categorisation links.
wykres tag 0.01
Graph plotting extension using the <canvas> element.
XML Class user:jldupont
This extension facilitates client-side XML / XSLT processing of data sources stored in Mediawiki pages. Also optionally integrates with rendering extensions such as GeSHi Syntax Highlighting.
XSL Renderer parser, tag 06.09.2008 oakblade
A simple XSL renderer
XmlOutput > 1.6.0 1.0.0 User:Nad
Allows articles containing XML to be returned as raw XML with associated XSLT applied if required
XsltTransformer special, parser 1.11.0 and above 0.1
Output pages to various formats, define types throught SMW, including support for FOP and custom output.
YAMBE (Yet Another MediaWiki Breadcrumb Extension) tag, hook 1.13.1, 1.14.0 and 1.15.0 0.1.4 Ian Coleman
Hierarchical Breadcrumb for Mediawiki. Builds a structured path for each page.
YouTubeTag 1.6.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x 0.1 Jim R. Wilson (Jimbojw)
Adds <youtube> tag for embedding YouTube videos.