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Release status: unstable
Implementation User rights , Special page , Notify, Database
Description Allows restrictive access to certain Mediawiki pages with a robust whitelist option.
Author(s) Paul Grinberg, Mike Sullivan
Latest version 0.11.2 (2008-09-05)
MediaWiki 1.6.0+
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
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Project groups in a variety of fields have adopted wikis for collaboration and documentation. Under some circumstances (particularly in corporate environments), it is necessary to restrict access to this information.

There are several ways to restrict access when using a MediaWiki installation. One such technique is using Extension:Blacklist to blacklist certain pages. However, when a user needs to be restricted to only a few specific pages, the blacklist approach becomes cumbersome. Instead, a whitelist can be used to define these restrictions.

Extension:WhiteList allows per-user whitelist for selected users, while the other users retain full access to all pages. This allows only members of the core project group to have access to all information, while other contributors have access to certain pages. The extension requires little administration time, typically a few minutes for each restricted user. This extension is provided under the GNU General Public License (v2.0).

When creating/editing a user's whitelist, a Manager defines specific pages which are visible for each restricted user. For each page, the Manager chooses whether the user can edit or simply view the page. The Manager can optionally define an expiration date for each whitelist page entry. (See screenshot in User's Guide.)


Release HistoryEdit

Revision Release Date Description
0.11.2 November 10, 2008
  • Fixed a bug with granting access to pages with parentheses in the name
  • restored the numerous MW comptatibility problems introduced with the previous revision
  • Fixed a bug with WikiText vx. Html output methods
0.10.0 September 5, 2008

(changes by User:siebrand)

  • Add/update i18n for special pages
  • Add support for localisation in Translate
  • Other fixes
    • Piwiki: change special page alias loading method; removed obsolete code
    • RandomInCategory/ReplaceText: reduced dirname() usage
    • RefreshSpecial: updated a few messages; add support to Translate
    • SpecialForm: change special page alias loading method; removed obsolete code; removed backward compatibility. Code can be found in branch.
    • StalePages: Removed backward compatibility. Code can be found in branch.
    • WhoIsWatching: added descriptionmsg, change special page alias loading method; removed obsolete code
0.9.0 May 20, 2008
  • improved performance in high volume systems
  • cleanup warning messages about uninitialized constants
  • improve displaying of user names in pulldown menu
  • Other MW cleanup by Tim Starling
  • more translations
0.8.7 April 15 2008
  • fixed a security hole where if the requested page was a partial match to any whitelisted page but itself not a whitelisted page, the extension used to allow access to that page.
  • fixed a minor bug with case insensitive matching of titles
  • added a feature so that if a requested page is not whitelisted but is a redirect to a whitelisted page, then the user should have access to that page
  • updated translations
0.8.6 April 14 2008
  • Fixed a minor bug in the text that appears on review of submission of new whitelisted pages
  • Made the requirement for UsageStatistics extension optional with $wgWhitelistUsePrettyCalendar variable
  • Better error checking for the (optionally) required UsageStatistics extension
  • Fixed a bug in whitelist access to pages defined with a leading colon
0.8.5 April 4 2008
  • significantly speed up access for restricted users
  • More i18n translations
0.8.4 March 13 2008
  • Fixed a bug with allowing whitelist access to subpages
  • More i18n translations
0.8.3 March 12 2008
  • i18n cleanup and translations
  • whitespace cleanup
  • expand wildcards for all instances

0.8.2 March 11 2008 minor bug fix; used to sometimes display "Bad Title" in overview

0.8.1 March 10 2008
  • Reverted to the changes for XHTML compatibility
0.8 March 10 2008
  • Added wild card support
  • fixed a bug in processing the changes to whitelist after review
  • fixed a bug in accessing other user's whitelist
  • fixed a bug in displaying links to categories on main pages for both the restricted users and managers
  • be more careful parsing out regex's when they are coming in from the outside world
0.7.1 Feb 23 2008 fixed a typo which resulted in an undefined function error
0.7 Feb 19 2008
  • restrict Special:WhiteList to only restricted user (it makes no sense to see what pages a user is restricted to when they are NOT restricted)
  • fix a bug when viewing other people's WhiteList
  • fix a bug to properly display links to WhiteListed categories
0.6 Feb 15, 2008 give the restricted users the ability to request page access
0.5 Feb 15, 2008
  • Fixed a bug where processing changes/additions to whitelist was only possible in English
  • Added a review step before processing changes/additions to whitelist
0.4 Feb 12, 2008
  • Added user:username and user_talk:username as default whitelist pages
  • Better handling of user input for new titles
  • Can now handle whitelisting pages with subpages
  • Can now enter pages via full URL
  • Automatically whitelist the redirected-to page of the requesting to whitelist a page which is a redirect
  • Post the data instead of Get (this allows for much larger entry of titles at a time)
  • Display the My Pages in a alpha sorted list
0.3 Feb 8, 2008 Initial publication on MediaWiki

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