About me edit

Hi, I'm Skizzerz, one of your friendly local sysops and bureaucrats. I'm mainly here to release my extensions to the public, document stuff, and help with admin duties.

I have a global SUL account with no conflicts, so you may assume that if you see a user named "Skizzerz" on any other Wikimedia project, it is me.

Contact me edit

The best way to reach me is either IRC (I idle on #mediawiki under the nick moonmoon), Discord, or via the MediaWiki Users forum

Extensions edit

Completed extensions I made are listed below. Please view their respective extension pages for more information about them.

Being Maintained edit

The extensions listed below are being maintained (not necessarily under active development, but bugs and security issues will be patched as they are found)

Not being maintained edit

I have stopped maintaining the following extensions, meaning that bugs and security issues will go unpatched unless someone else decides to take over.

Requests edit

If you like my work and wish to request an extension to be made custom-fit for your wiki, please check here for pricing and terms.