This page contains a list of all extensions currently available. It is generated by a bot but uploaded manually, so updates are infrequent. It will only be updated until the Extension Matrix-Bot is working again.

Please note: Only extensions with a valid Extension Template are listed. Also the generating bot is currently tested, so some extensions may be still missing.

The extensions are grouped by status.



Some of the extensions listed here may be maintained by people not affiliated with the MediaWiki software development team, and/or unfamiliar with the more intricate points of extension development.

The MediaWiki developers provide no support for third-party add-ons and neither the MediaWiki developers nor the maintainers of this site give any guarantee about the suitability, functionality, security or indeed any other property of any extension described on this site. Inclusion of an extension on this site is not an endorsement by the MediaWiki developers or the Wikimedia Foundation.

If a particular extension published on this web site appears to contain vulnerabilities that expose users to cross-site scripting or other potentially malicious techniques, then the extension can and will be deleted with no prior notice.

The provisions of the general disclaimer are maintained.