List of extensions with status "unstable"Edit

Status means: Broken - do not use this extension!

Number of Extensions here: 26

Name Type MW Version Version / Date Author
AutoLink 1.3 / 2.4 / 3.7 Sanjeev / Samuel Gelineau / Dirk Kreisel / Hyunsik Kim
Used to make auto links in a page during page view.
BBCode for MediaWiki parser, extended syntax 1.10 0.1 Paul Deveau
Adds support for BBCode syntax as used by many popular bulletin board software packages.
Backup & Restore 0.0.0 User:Nad
A special page for backing up and restoring multiple wikis on a server
provides read-only access to various metadata about pages of the wiki
Deleteuser Nikn
An extension for deleting users from database.
Email authentication before editing user activity
Force users to confirm their email before editing
Email required to sign up user activity
Same as $wgEmailConfirmToEdit
EnhanceApi hook 1.13.1 1.0 Ponomarev Dmitry
Enhance standart MediaWiki API
Extra PF pfunc 1.7+ 1.0.1
LiquidThreads Page action, Special 1.16 2.0 David McCabe, Andrew Garrett
LiquidThreads is a new structured discussion system for MediaWiki, implemented as an extension.
Multiplicator special, page action 1.7.0+ 0.1 look at code history. Duplicator coder is Rob Church
Special page to create independent copies of pages
My blog Shannon McNaught
Allows a blogger to the user's menu.
ofortuna special 1.14alpha r42198 0.1
Allows to display a random page from a specified category
Packages pfunc, special >1.6.0 (only tested on 1.11) 0.0.1 User:Nad
Create packages of templates and other articles from remote wiki's. The resulting packages are PHP files which can be added or removed like a normal extension without affecting the database.
PageProtection tag, user rights 1.6.3 1.4
Protect areas and sections from access
PublicRevision pfunc >1.6.0 0.0.0 User:Nad
Allow articles to be held at a particular revision until subsequent edits are authorised by a user with sufficient permissions.
Salesforce Extension tag 1.10.0 or greater 0.1.0 Eric Santiago
Integration with API. Adds tags for describing objects and querying records.
Special:UploadLocal special 1.11 (Does not work for 1.7 but an earlier version does). 1.1.0
Allows quick mass uploading of large files.
StableVersion 1.6-1.10? unknown
TinyMCE_MW 1.10.0 0.5.3 Joseph P. Socoloski III
Easily implement Moxiecode's TinyMCE into MediaWiki
TotalRevisions 1.11.x Robert Leverington
Variable to get the total number of revisions for the current page.
WikiPDF Felipe Corrêa da Silva Sanches
Converts MediaWiki articles to LaTeX or PDF
Wikiwyg 0.20 Ingy döt Net, Casey West, Chris Dent, Matt Liggett, Ryan King, Dave Rolsky, Kang-min Liu, Jason Richey, Bartek Łapiński
A WYSIWYG editor
Wiklets >1.6.0 0.0.2 User:Nad
A parser function which allows its content to float in a popup div using Mat Kruse's JavascriptToolbox.
XML Bridge PediaPress
Converts MediaWiki markup to XHTML
XmlWiki 1.4.x only User:Nad
A MediaWiki hack giving XML properties to articles