I am not currently involved in developing the MediaWiki software or extensions.

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"Use a proper CMS" whinge edit

You are advised to install an appropriate document management package. MediaWiki was not written to provide per-page read access restrictions, and almost all hacks or patches promising to add them will likely have flaws somewhere, which could lead to exposure of confidential data. We will not be held responsible should a password or bank details be leaked, leading to loss of funds or one's job.

Licensing of contributions edit

I received a recent representation regarding the licensing status of an extension I originally authored. For the avoidance of any doubt, I am happy for any of my contributions to the MediaWiki source code or its extensions, including any and all commits to the various forms of repositories (CVS, SVN, Git), and any MediaWiki-related code or patches I may have published stand-alone (such as attached to a Wikimedia wiki page, or in a mailing list or IRC discussion) to be used, distributed, copied and modified under either of the following licenses:

There may be explicit licensing terms accompanying some of my original contributions. Where those terms are more restrictive than those set out here, then these revised terms shall take precedence.

In the event of any ambiguity which needs resolving, I will endeavour to respond to emailed queries about the licensing status of a particular contribution.

-- robchurch | talk 19:46, 26 April 2019 (UTC)