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The thinking here is that the current one-page job is massive and unmanageable; we need to split the thing up into chunks. Not sure how to present these; it might be an idea to separate the index page into sections and use sub-pages for the responses, so we have a more "standard" format.

If the answer to the question is best explained with another piece of documentation, e.g. "How do I edit the navigation bar?", then we should link straight to it. There's an FAQ link in the sidebar, which will link back to the index page, so users don't get lost, and we could put a note of this on said index page.



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I consider that it would be a good idea to protect the FAQ, or at least semi-protect it. We need some standards of inclusion; hacks and one-off questions don't count; we don't need a thousand different takes on the same thing. The problem with all attempts at an FAQ to date have been well-meaning third parties adding what is, in essence, useless or ill-presented information, which clutters up the page and makes it harder for the next user to find what's required.

I plan to put the five most asked questions in the default main page, so fresh installations will have the required information at the users' fingertips, with clear links to this page so additional questions can be answered.