User:Robchurch/BugZilla song

Everybody sing along,
Let's all do the BugZilla song

If you open a bug that's total crap,
Brion will close it and give you a slap
If you whinge, we'll just ignore
Bug war fights are such a bore

We'll do our best to fulfil your request
But if we disagree, it's not 'cause we're mean
Got a good reason? Just re-open and explain
But not for the sake of it; that's just a pain

Please provide as much detail as you can
We can't read minds, and we aren't Superman
For visual screw-ups, a screenshot would be nice
It helps us to understand the issue in a trice

Don't forget your version details
MediaWiki, Apache, PHP and MySQL
Not knowing this stuff makes reproducing things hell
Let us know your platform if you think it'll help as well

With a bit of luck, this stupid little rhyme
Will help you write a decent bug
And save us all some time