List of extensions with status "experimental"


Status means: Early stages of development, may change drastically.

Number of Extensions here: 116

Name Type MW Version Version / Date Author
AdSense Naoise Golden
This extension allows you to put AdSense ads in your articles.
Add Metas example Tested on 1.10.0 0.1 Luis Diaz
This extension enables you to add meta tags on all the pages like meta keywords.
AdvancedSkinSystem extended syntax, skin, special 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15 0.9.0 Jamasi
AdvancedSkinSystem implements a flexible skinning framework for your wiki. Skins can be changed on the fly depending on namespace or category and are completely editable from the wiki-interface (if your user is equipped with sufficient rights).
Ajax user activity, special 1.14.0rc1 (tested) 0.4.0 John Erling Blad
Allows Ajax-applets to be run on a special page.
AkismetKlik 1.12+ (partial 1.11 support) Carlb
Rejects edits from suspected comment spammers on Akismet's blacklist.
Alternate tag 1.13+ didn't check other 0.1 Thierry G. Veilleux
give you the oportunity to alternate how the model look
AnyWikiDraw drawing editor pfunc, page action 1.7 – 1.10, 1.12 – 1.15 only 0.13.3 Werner Randelshofer
Allows to edit SVG, PNG and JPEG images directly in a page using a Java applet.
ApiMagicWord parser function 0.1b Eric Larcher
ApiMagicWord extension provide a wiki text access to enabled Application Programming Interfaces (API) of MediaWiki Web sites.
mywiki extension interface, mywiki
Assignment Submission special 1.13.* or greater 0.1 Borofkin <>
Defines a special page, "AssignmentSubmission", which allows users to submit files to a hidden directory. Intended for submission of assignments for marking.
AuthUCenter 1.9+ 0.3
Use the UCenter as central user database.
BackLinksFunctions 1.6.7 1.3 Juraj Simlovic
Counts backward links to a specified page.
Bibtexio extended syntax 1.12 0.1
Implement automated bibtex-format bibliography page and in-text IEEE citation with bottom-of-page IEEE reference list.
Book 0.0.1 Manuel
collects recursively all Articles that belong to a Category and compiles a pdf Book
CCM various 0.0.2 Artem Kaznatcheev
provides a collaborative content management system integrated into mediawiki
CategoryControl user rights 1.13+ 0.1 Kevin Kragenbrink, II
Access control via group and category permissions.
CommentPages interface Zachary Hauri
Comment Page related hooks and functions.
CommentSpammer 1.12, or 1.11 alpha after rev:27093 Nickj
Rejects edits from suspected comment spammers on a DNS blacklist.
Configurator special 1.12 0.5 Christian Neubauer
Allows a user with the siteadmin right to change variables in LocalSettings.php through a web interface
CrossReference tag First Release Tore Birkeland
Adds LaTeX-style autonumbered cross references to a page
CrudeProtection 1.0 Mark Clements
A very crude per-page protection mechanism.
DNNAuthentication 1.14 0.1 Kim Pham-Guilbeault
Authenticate WikiMedia to the aspnet_membership table on MS SQL used by ASP.NET and DotNetNuke. Tested with DNN 4.5 using 3DES encryption.
DataCenter special 0.1.0 Trevor Parscal
DataCenter Planning and Asset Tracking System
DataInvoker parser function, data extraction 1.12 (older/newer versions not tested, but should work) 0.3b Xudong Yang
Allows retrieving data from a database
DatabaseFetchHook 1.10.0+ 2.0.0 User:Nad
Dynamically adds a new hook to intercept the database fetchObject and fetchRow methods
DelayedDefinition 0.5.0 Robert Rohde
Allows blocks of wikicode to be rendered at a different point in the same page from where they are defined.
DidYouMean Hippietrail
adds links to articles with "similar" titles, where what is similar can be decided by a PHP function.
Digital Certificate Ricardo Kehrle
Discussion tag, ajax 1.15.0 0.2 Vladimir Kolmogorov
Allows to post comments on any page. Based on Ajax. Supports hierarchical structure of messages.
Docstoc media 1.5. X 0.1 Morder
Embed a Docstoc Document
Donation Gateway tag, special 1.15 1.0 Four Kitchens
The donation gateway process is an expandable group of extensions for accepting donations while offering a choice of currency and payment gateway.
DynamicTabs mywiki 1.15+ 0.5.3 Micke Nordin, David Öhlin
Makes it possible to remove and/or add custom tabs either to articles with the same name in a different namespace or other internal and external links
EmbedHighlightedCodeFromFile tag 1.11, 1.13 0.2
embed source code from a file on a page, auto syntax highlighted
Embed Document 1.9 - 1.12 0.12 SLohse, DrTrigon
This extension will
show a document
(*.pdf, *.doc, *.wav, ...) file
inside a MediaWiki page.
Enable Abbr Tags 1.7.3, 1.9.3, 1.11 0.2 jeffmcneill
Adds <xabbr></xabbr> tags and parses them to <a class(es) href=''></a> tags.
Extend Anchor Tags 1.7.3, 1.9.3, 1.11 0.5 jeffmcneill
Adds <xa></xa> tags and parses them to <a class(es) href=''></a> tags.
External Articles page action 1.12.0+ 0.1.1 Nathan Perry
Preloads source from external articles.
FCKeditor extension 1.10.x+ fck/mw-extension (0.7.4) 2007
using the FCKeditor for editing wiki pages
fail2banlog user activity 1.11+ Laurent Chouraki
This extension writes a text file with IPs of failed logins attempts as an input to fail2ban.
FileBrowser tag, ajax 1.12 0.1 Benedikt, Jan, Max
Adds a small filebrowser to your wiki. Allows up- & download from a different server.
FoldingNav Extension tag 1.14.0 1.0 Serenity
Show and hide regions on a page with a mouse move
Form special 1.11+ 0.4.1 Evan Prodromou
Form interface for creating new articles according to a template
Global Messages mywiki Tested on 1.12 0.1
This extension allows you to set Interface Messages that will apply to all wikis that include the extension, May be useful for Wiki Farms
GlobalUsage special 1.12 Bryan Tong Minh
Special page to view global image usage
GoogleWave tag 1.15 0.3 Micke Nordin
Makes it possible to embed Google Waves in MediaWiki
HierarchyBook 1.8, 1.9 0.1.0 Greg Doermann
Uses a hierarchy index to create a pdf book
ImageShadow page action 1.0 Boudewijn Vahrmeijer
To have a nice shadow behind images for Mediawiki
JHilbert tag 1.14.0 is known to work 7 Alexander Klauer
Wiki inline proof verifier
Knowledgebase Tested on 1.10 but should work in older versions 1.0 Barrylb
Assist creating numbered knowledge base articles by redirecting to next-higher article number in the KB namespace.
LandingPage 0.1 John Erling Blad
Follows redirections to landing page
LanguageFunctions parser, parser function 1.14.0 0.1.2 Leo Hourvitz
Adds support for filtering multilingual pages by a known set of languages
LocalFileSystem data extraction, special 1.8 0.1 Florian Konnertz
Displays files of one directory of the local file system
Log Searches interface tested with 1.67 Flominator
logs searches into file
Login At Edit user identity, page action 1.6 0.1
Integrates Edit and Login forms.
Lua parser extensions tag, parser function Fran Rogers
Extends the parser with support for embedded blocks of Lua code
Mediawiki Internal Control Panel Special Not Released Oliver Baker
MOCA ajax, page action 1.10.x and above 1.0.2 Chrysovalanto Kousetti
MOCA: Mediawiki Ontology Convergence Assistant
MeanEditor ??? 1.14 or 1.15 0.5.2 Jacopo Corbetta and Alessandro Pignotti for Antonio Gulli
The mean, the safe and the ugly visual editor for non-technical users. Based on WYMeditor and jQuery.
MediaWikiAuth user identity 1.13+ recommended Laurence Parry
Transparently imports users from another wiki
MetaMan skin, database, data extraction 1.15.0 0.1 Timo Taglieber
Improve UI for editing pages by adding category and property suggestions (management of metadata)
Minify interface 0.8.0 Robert Rohde
Compresses CSS and JS from action=raw
Msc parser, tag Tested at 1.13.3 and 1.14.0 0.1
Render Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) inside of wiki pages.
MultiPageExport special 1.14, 1.13 0.1.1 Benjamin Garn
Export a list of Pages to one HTML Page
yashashri interface, mywiki 1.0
NetworkAuth user identity, user rights 1.11+ 1.0
Allows you to authenticate users based on network information
NoViewOnBlock Tested on 1.10. 0.1 Jacob Myers
Blocked users can't view the wiki
NumerAlpha tag 1.13+ didn't check other 0.1 Thierry G. Veilleux
incremential tag (numbers, roman and alphabet)
OAIRepository data extraction Brion Vibber
Provides an OAI-PMH repository interface.
On Campus 1.5 and 1.6 n/a
Restrict a namespace from being viewed outside a subnet.
OtrsTicket parser, parser function 1.10.0 (development) 0.0 John Erling Blad
Read-only access to a limited set of attributes from one or more OTRS instances
PHPBB_ShowForum tag 0.2 Marcolino
Show your PHPbb post inside Mediawiki's Pages
PIM Support special, data extraction 1.11. 0.1 Florian Konnertz
simple Personal Information Management support, currently for prefilled contact wikipages in seperate namespace
Painting 1.6.5 1.5 Serenity
A painting java applet
PasswordProtectFiles user rights, page action 1.13 0.01 Piotr Stawiński
This allows files protection using password
PasswordProtectPages user rights, page action 1.13 0.01 Piotr Stawiński
This allows page protection using password
Pipes data extraction 1.10 0.9.10 Steve Bleazard
Pass data through a series of data processing nodes
Player special, tag, media 1.10 (perhaps 1.9 too) Duesentrieb
Provides embedded multimedia playback using common browser plugins or embedded players.
Polyglot page action, mywiki, locale 1.10 Duesentrieb
support for content in multiple languages in a single MediaWiki
ProjectWiki 1.12 0.5 alpha Lisa Ridley
Project Management portal in a MediaWiki installation
PromotedInterlanguages parser function Nicolas Dumazet
Adds a {{#promoted:status|langcode}} function to customize the look of interlanguage links to foreign promoted articles
Question API interface, special, database 1.9.* or greater (tested with 1.12alpha) 0.1 Sebastian Blohm, Markus Krötzsch. Maintained by AIFB Karlsruhe.
This extension aims add allowing to automatically triggering edits in the wiki while having wiki users verify the edits. A set of questions is displayed on the bottom of the page and if users answer them affirmatively, a pre-defined page edit is triggered. This can be used to integrate information from sources the provide a lot of facts at a time but which cannot be trusted in all cases.
Rating tag, page action, special Tested on 1.9.3, 1.10.x and 1.12.0 but should work in earlier versions 1.1.2 Sanford Poon contrib
Add a Rating box to each MediaWiki page. Ask the readers a question and ask them to rank from 1 to any number.
Read Restrict Tested on version 1.9.3 Suki
Stops reading of pages except to specific groups.
RedditTag parser 0.1 Michael Mol
This extension allows you to provide a button to submit a page to Reddit or any subreddit.
RequireCategory 1.7+ 1.0 Hendrik Brummermann
Requires pages to be placed at least to one category.
Rsync tested on 1.10 but probably works with a earlier versions See SVN Jean-Lou Dupont
SecurePasswords user identity 1.14.0 r44815+ 1.1 Ryan Schmidt
Creates more secure password hashes in the database as well as a password strength checker
SemanticQueryFormTool parser function, search 1.11.0 - 1.15.0 0.2.5c for >= SMW 1.4.2 (0.1.6 for <= SMW 1.3 and 0.1.9 for >= SMW 1.4 < 1.4.2) G. Zehetner
Tool for semantic SMW data, retrieves unique property value lists to aid creation of query forms, also saves, combines and manages query results (Help page)
Semantic Layers tag, parser function 1.9.x or greater 0.3b1 Matt Williamson, NOAA's National Weather Service
Official site. Integration layer between OpenLayers and Semantic MediaWiki.
SendToTwitter data extraction Rohit Keshwani
Sends a twitter update to twitter every time an article is updated on your wiki.
SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin Tested on 1.10.4 alpha Stephen E Slevinski Jr
Adds SignWriting support to MediaWiki.
SpamBlacklist 1.6.0+ Tim Starling
Regex-based spam filter.
Special:MultiUploadViaZip 1.6.3 0.2.1 David Eyers
Multiple file uploader. Special page provides an HTML form that accepts a ZIP file, each file of which is passed to the standard Upload form.
TalkHere 1.10alpha after rev:20952 Duesentrieb
shows talk page at the bottom of article page, provides on-page edit box
TemplateFormEditor page action, extended syntax 1.13.2 and 1.13.3 may be others 0.3.0 Andreas Möller
Allows Editing template-applications using a Form. - an extended version of the extension CustomEdit
UnitsFormatter 1.9 0.1 Johan the Ghost
This extension enables intelligent and flexible formatting of units of measure.
Uniwiki Auto Create Category Pages page action 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Create stub Category pages automatically
Uniwiki CSS Hooks skin 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Add some CSS hooks to the HTML output of articles, for better styling
Uniwiki Category Box at Top skin 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Adds a category box to the top right of articles
Uniwiki CreatePage skin 1.12.0 0.1 Travis Derouin
Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
adds Special:CreatePage to the list of special pages for easily creating pages in your wiki.
Uniwiki Generic Edit Page page action, skin, ajax 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Suppliments the edit page with something more usable
Uniwiki Javascript skin 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Adds uniwiki.js to each page (which currently just provides lightweight i18n support in Javascript), and serves as a placeholder for future Javascript code shared between Uniwiki extensions
Uniwiki Layouts page action 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Populate newly-created pages with editable "layouts", to encourage a common structure to articles
Uniwiki Toolbar skin 1.12.0 0.1 Merrick Schaefer,
Mark Johnston,
Evan Wheeler,
Adam Mckaig
Uses a better toolbar, using Tango icons with optional internationalizable text describing the icons
UploadCSV 1.10, 1.9, 1.8? 0.2 User:GunterS
Mass creation of articles using data from a csv-file.
UserLocalization parser function, user activity 0.1 Christian Willmes
WarnNoCategories page action 1.12-1.15 0.2
Warns user if she did not specify any category when editing a page
Wayback Machine hook 1.12.0 0.1 Jean-Francois Gariepy
Displays a table of available archives of a given website, so that the user can browse in the past of all websites. Designed for wikis related to the history of the Internet and the digital culture.
Wiki3D rev 1 Luc Yriarte
A simple 3D description language embedded in a Java Applet
WikiDB tag, extended syntax pre-release (0.1alpha?) Mark Clements
Adds easy-to-use database functionality to MediaWiki.
WikiGenericScript 1.0 Per Olsen (based on code by Siddique Hameed)
WikiGenericScript is an extension which allows you to embed a predefined javascripts src using <script src="..." type="text/javascript"></script> tags in the menus. For embedding various kinds of inline scripts like Google Gadgets, Google Analytics etc. etc.

Please make sure that the external script you are including is something you trust and use this extension at your own risk.

Wikilogic 1.6 0.93a w:User:Alfakim
Specific vernacular text conversion for Formal Logic
WikiVid link, parser function, tag, database, special 1.11.0 and higher In Development
Allows for embeding of videos from external video services such as YouTube, or VReel.
x3d rev 0.1 Luc Yriarte
Renders x3d in a Java Applet