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Release status: experimental
Implementation Special page
Description Export a list of Pages to one HTML Page
Author(s) Benjamin Garn
Latest version 0.1.1
MediaWiki 1.14, 1.13
License GPL
Download MultiPageExport-0.1.1.zip
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This is experimental and needs to be improved a lot befor going to a production wiki!! At this state i dont care for speed and i dont care for security, keep this in mind!! Because of possible performance leaks you should deny usual users from calling this special page (not implemented so far)!

What can this extension do?Edit

It will export a list of sites to one HTML page by the structure you define.

The major intention for this extension is to provide a way to export articles in a book-like structure. You can use the result in Word for example...


Open the new special page Special:MultiPageExport type the articles-names you want to list. The structure will influence the headings. The "Direct" parameter will show the result page only (No MediaWiki page around).

My Master Page
* My Sub Page
** My Other Sub Page
* Next Chapter
* Category:My Category

Download instructionsEdit

Download MultiPageExport.zip and extract the contents to $IP/extensions/MultiPageExport/.


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:


What needs to be improved?Edit

Well... almost everything ;-)

  • The Form need to be created in a better way.
  • I guess echo is not the way this extension should export "direct"ly
  • i18n
  • Performance needs to be improved
  • ...