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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Link markup , Tag , Database , Page action
Description Flowchartwiki creates flowcharts from the links between wikipages in a category and can be used for process modelling and process documentation.
Author(s) (tkocktalk)
Latest version 1.2.5 (2017-10-25)
MediaWiki tested with 1.24.1, should work with 1.27 LTS and 1.29.1
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Download BitBucket Downloads
Example see https://flowchartwiki.readthedocs.io/ for full documentation.

Flowchartwiki is an extension to MediaWiki for creating flowcharts from the links between wikipages in a category to support process modelling and process documentation in MediaWiki. This simplifies the self-organizing of teams and processes.

Each process-step is a wikipage and based on the tagged links between the wikipages and a type assigned to a wikipage, a flowchart diagram is created automatically. This keeps the diagram always up to date and reduces manual maintenance. The Diagram itself is clickable to simplify the navigation in the wiki. A hierarchy of Processes is supported.

In comparison to popular office software, all users of the wiki can simultaneously access the process model and keep it up to date.

Update June 2020Edit

  • As of June 2020 FlowchartWiki will no longer be maintained by its author. If you want to take over maintenance, feel free to contact the author.

Update June 4th, 2018Edit

New in 1.2.5Edit

  • fix deprecations in MediaWiki 1.27 and 1.29.1

New in 1.2.4Edit

  • fix sloppy coding that PHP 7.x rejects or complains about now.

New in 1.2.3Edit

  • fixed MediaWiki 1.27 LTS compatibility issues: 'wfMsg(...)' to 'wfMessage(...)->text()'


How MediaWiki can be used to model processes:

  • Process = Category Page
  • Process-Step = Wiki Page
  • tagged Wiki-Links
  • Result: clickable graph

By adding a few special tags to category and wiki pages, a graph is created from the links between these pages.

Add these tags to a category page:

<CategoryBrowser />
  • The CategoryBrowser tag creates and displays the clickable flowchart on the category page.
  • The Modeltype tag selects the type of diagrams used for the process (fully customizable).

Add these tags to the individual wikipage (besides the usual Category Tag).

<CategoryBrowser />

<Dependencies />

  • The CategoryBrowser tag creates and displays the flowchart on the wikipage and highlights the current page in the graph.
  • NextStep::Download tags the link to the "Download" wikipage in the process.
  • The Dependencies tag is a special version of "What links here" and shows a list of links from and to this page - including the type of the links.
  • Type::ProcessStep defines the type of this process step and determines the shape type and color used in the graph. The shape types and colors are customizable.
  • PageName::Different_Name_in_Graph is optional and overrides the default usage of the Name of the WikiPage with the "Different_Name_in_Graph".
  • Level::100 is a hint to the graphing-algorithm (graphviz) on where to place the process step in the graph.

Download instructionsEdit

Downloads are available from BitBucket Downloads. Source code is available on BitBucket https://bitbucket.org/tkock/flowchartwiki


For prerequisites (Graphviz), installation and upgrading instructions please see the project documentation at https://flowchartwiki.readthedocs.io/

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