MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: beta
Implementation Notify
Description Sends a message to all users in a certain group
Author(s) Maciej Błaszkowski
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
This extension is written for Fandom, and only works on Fandom. see the talk page

SiteWideMessages is used to send a dismissible message to a user talk page. It acts like a site notice, but is displayed only on the talk page. The message will appear at the top of a user's talk page.

Users will be notified they have a new message. On wiki farms with shared user login, the notification can link to the wiki where they were most recently active, though the message will actually be displayed on the user's talk page on every wiki until it is dismissed.

The message can be configured to be sent only to users with a certain language in their preferences, or only to active users, or to users with certain rights such as sysop.

The message can be set to expire after a certain time so that only users who view the wiki during the notice period need to see the message. It can also be deleted after it has been sent if necessary.

Unlike sitenotices, SiteWideMessages do not need to be limited in length and multiple ones can be sent out over the same period.