Extension:Collection/OpenDocument Export

The extension makes it possible to export single pages or Collections in OpenDocument Text format (.odt).

See this press release Wikis Go Printable for background information on this project.

The desired output format of the article collections can be chosen on a special MediaWiki page which provides download links for the various formats.

Current Status edit

This is work in progress, but already pretty usable. Code is available as part of the mwlib python MediaWiki library. (see odwriter.py). Feel free to contribute.

There is a google group for support and discussion of mwlib and derived applications.

See this page for installation instructions.

Example Output edit

See solar.odt for an example.

Implementation edit

A DOM-tree is generated using the mwlib python library which is then translated to ODF using the ODFPY library.

Development & Evaluation edit

  • Checkout mwlib
  • install using python setup.py develop
  • To generate .odt files from the english Wikipedia use:
mw-render -c :en -o out.odt -w odf "Some Article" "Another Article" ...

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