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Name Purpose
ArticleComments Inserts inline blog-like comment fields into articles.
AlternateSyntaxParser Provides ability to use alternate syntax engines (such as Markdown and Textile) instead of the standard wikitext parser.
EditOnlyYourOwnPage Prevents non-sysop users from editing anything other than their own user pages, talk pages and subpages thereof.
EmbedVideo Adds a parser function called #ev for embedding video from popular sharing services.
KeepYourHandsToYourself Prevents users from editing other users pages and subpages.
MetaKeywordsTag Adds extension tag for injecting <meta> keywords into the page header.
RawMsg Adds a {{#rawmsg}} parser function for inserting raw HTML into wiki pages.
RegexParserFunctions Adds a {{#regex}} parser function for evaluating regular expressions.
ReturnToUserPage Sends users back to their own user page after login or account creation.
ShareThis Adds links to popular social bookmarking and news sites.
ShoutBox Adds a parser function called #shoutbox which can be used to embed ShoutBoxes into a page.
SMW_InlineQueryParserFunction Adds a parser function called {{#ask}} which is the logical equivalent to Semantic MediaWiki's inline query extension tag called <ask>
UsenetSyntax Allows Usenet style syntax for *bold*, /italics/, and _underlined_ text.
UserPageStyles Gives users the power to define CSS styles to apply to their user pages.
WikiArticleFeeds Serves article sections as though they were RSS/Atom feed items.
YouTubeTag Allows embedding of YouTube videos by means of a parser tag.

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-- Jim R. Wilson