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I use MediaWiki for a few of my personal projects:

  • is a new wiki-project by a group of maniacal monkeys.

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Extensions that I useEdit

My MediaWiki wishlistEdit

Having the last word on ToCs and section numberingEdit

I want to have a setting to be able to let the page author decide three things that are now under user control:

  1. Decide whether the ToC is displayed or not
  2. Decide if the ToC should be numbered
  3. Decide if the section headings should be numbered

By using __TOC__ I can decide where the ToC is displayed but not if the ToC is displayed, at least not if the user has unticked the ToC box in his or her preferences.

The Extension:PSINoTocNum should let me disable the ToC numbering per article, but it doesn't play nice with the parser cache.

Extension:MagicNoNumberedHeadings lets me disable the section headings per article, but it also behaves unpredictably due to the parser cache.

Other WikiMedia user pagesEdit

EN::User:BigSmoke, NL:User:BigSmoke