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此翻譯擴充開發十分迅速,故需要相對較新版本的MediaWiki才能運作。 The aim is to support the development version and the two latest stable versions of MediaWiki. In package managers, the version may be too old to fulfill the requirements. In that case you need to download a newer release from or from Wikimedia's Git repository.

此Translate扩展使用连续开发模式(continuous development model), 意思就是最后版本或许永远不会完全结束,因为所有提交到Translate扩展的commit都会被检阅,并且要通过单元测试。 The core functionality is pretty stable, but there may be bigger changes from time to time.



  1. MediaWiki 的最新版本
  1. MySQL database – SQLite (experimental)
  1. (optional) Syck or phpyaml for faster and better YAML parsing and generation
  1. (optional) ElasticSearch for advanced search features and translation memory
  1. (optional) Internet access on the server for machine translation services

MediaWiki需要正確的設定作業佇列 。如果您的作業佇列未處理,那麼翻譯擴充將不會正常運作。




请参阅 MediaWiki语言扩展包 获取下载链接和使用说明。该文件包包含了常与翻译扩展一起使用的一些扩展及便于快速上手的默认配置。 The bundle includes additional extensions commonly used together with the Translate extension. It also includes a functioning default configuration to get you started. 參見Help:Extension:翻譯/配置 以查看這些設定的說明。