Help:Eeditin pages

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It's aafa easie tae eedit the contents o ae wiki:

  1. Clap oan the "Eedit" page tab at the tap o the page.
  2. Mak chynges til the tex.
  3. Clap oan the "Hain page" button.

Simple aes that!

Eeditin rules, eeditin conventions, n formattin

The nummer yin rule o wiki eeditin is tae be baud. Gae oan - mak chynges. Ither fowk can correct onie mistaks that ye mak, sae hae confeedance, n gie it ae shot! Thaur's aw kynds o eeditin conventions, rules, n philosiphies fer the eeditin o wiki pages, bit the "be baud" rule is the maist important o thir!

Aen eedit can contreebute hale new paragraphs or pages o information, or it can be aes simple aes fixin ae typo or ae speelin mistak. In general, ettle tae add or eedit tex sae that it's clear n concise. Maist importantlie, mak sair that ye'r awwaas ettlin tae dae sommit that impruivs the contents o the wiki.

Whan ye need tae uise some type o formatting, like fer ae new heidin or baudin o tex, ye dae this uisin wiki syntax or the buttons in the eedit tuilbaur abuin the eeditin zone. See Help:Formatting fer some o the commyn types o formattin uised.

Eedit ootline

Afore ye hain ae chynge, ye can enter ae short myndin in the "Ootline:" kist describin yer chynges. Dinna fash ower muckle aneat this, or spend ower muckle time thinkin aneat it: jist pit ae short descreeption in o whit ye jist chynged. Fer example, ye micht say "fixed typo" or "added mair information aneat sunflowers".

This ootline gets stored alangside yer eedit, n permits fawk tae keep track o chynges in the wiki mair effecteevelie.


It's ae guid idea tae uise the "Shaw luikower" button tae see whit yer chynge will luik like, afore ye hain it. This is forby relatit til keepin track o chynges cause ilka time ye hain, this is displeyed til ithers aes ae separate chynge. This isn't sommit tae fash aneat ower muckle, bit it's guid tae get intil the habit o eleeminatin mistaks in yer ain wairk, bi uisin ae luikower afore hainin, in steid o hainin, than haein tae dae anither eedit jist tae mak yin or mair smaa corrections.

Shaw chynges

Anither optie is the "Shaw chynges" button that permits ye tae see the differances atween the Nou version n yer eedited version.

Protected pages

Pages that are protected cannot be edited by anyone except users of a specific group. Protected pages will instead display "View source" instead of edit. In that case, to edit a protected page, contact a user who has permission to edit the page. The default protection levels are as follows:

  • None (allow all users)
  • Autoconfirmed (prevent edits by new and unregistered users)
  • Sysop (prevent edits by all users except administrators)

Ither types o eeditin

Wi wiki eedits ye can stairt ae new page, muiv (or rename) ae page, or even delyte ae page:

Mynd that ye shid aye ettle tae impruiv the oweraw contents o the wiki wi yer eedits.


Ilka airticle haes its ain "tauk page" whaur ye can speir speirins, mak suggestions, or tauk aneat corrections. See Help:Tauk pages .